The popularity of the British monarchy falls after ‘Spare’

    Barely four months after the death of Elizabeth II, the publication of Prince Harry’s memoirs, Sparehas shaken the foundations of a historic institution like the British monarchy, which until now seemed unshakable. Not only has it caused a scandal of international relevance, with the testimony of really intimate chapters about the different members of the family, but it has also directly affected the popularity of what was considered one of the most established royal houses.

    According to a survey carried out by Ipsos Mori of more than 1,000 British adults (between 18 and 75 years old) and echoed by Daily Mail, The princes of Wales have seen their popularity rating drop significantly, 8% in the case of Lady Diana’s eldest son, 7 in that of his wife, Kate Middleton.

    “The immediate impact on public opinion should not be exaggerated,” said Kelly Beaver, executive director of Ipsos in the United Kingdom and Ireland, who wanted to point out that it is directly related to the recent death of the monarch for seven decades. “The British continue to be much more positive than negative towards the King, the Princes of Wales and the Princess Royal, and towards the Royal Family as a whole,” she stressed.

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    Proof of this is that after the controversy, Prince William is still the most beloved among the United Kingdom society, closely followed by the Princess of Wales and Princess Anne, tied for second. Likewise, up to 60% of those surveyed stated that they “liked” the future heirs to the throne, William and Kate.

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    The survey also confirms what was an open secret, Spare It has also affected the protagonist, Prince Harry. The report itself reveals that the popularity of the youngest son of King Carlos III has also fallen in recent weeks, up to 7% according to what they say, which confirms the rejection that many have generated for these pages and everything that has been publicly recounted.

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