The possible nominees for best actor in the next Oscars

The possible nominees for best actor in the next Oscars

by Drafting | Sep 28, 2022

Almost six months before the next Oscar awards gala, the possible nominees for best actor are already sounding, and also about who could take the statuette

Undoubtedly, this year we have seen great film productions that have been highlighted by critics in terms of their structure; but without a doubt something that also stands out a lot is the performance of its protagonists. Just six months before one of the most important ceremonies to recognize the world of cinema takes place, that is, we are talking about the Academy Awards, who in their last edition captured the attention of the world press, for the altercation between Will Smith and Chris Rock. Therefore, the organizers will seek to remedy this incident at all costs, and that the following award ceremony be to the public’s liking.

On the other hand, before the day of the Oscars arrives, multiple film festivals are known to be held, as well as other ceremonies to recognize the great performances and collaborators who participated in recent films. That is why, with what has already been released so far, there are already possible candidates who may be nominated in the long-awaited category for “best actor.” And here we present you who they could be.

  1. brendan fraser

Certainly the return of brendan fraser, to the big screen has been one of the most longed for by the actor’s fans, and after several years of absence, the possibility of his return was not seen. But this 2022, the celebrity has resurfaced, and he recently received a standing ovation at the Venice Film Festival for his role in the film The Whale, where he plays a literature professor who has confined himself at home due to being grossly overweight.

Criticism was generally good for the film.who saw this chamber piece as a tribute to the director of the film Aronofsky to the actor. So without a doubt, he sounds strongly to be nominated at the next Oscars.

Brendan Fraser at the Venice Film Festival

two. austin butler

The nomination for Austin Butler would not come as a surprise, as there was a lot of publicity for the movie. Elvis, where the actor plays the iconic singer. In addition to the fact that his performance has been acclaimed by critics, since the young actor achieved the goal of getting under the skin of imitating and excellently interpreting the gestures and movement of the king of rock. His nomination is more than assured. and he is the candidate who goes to the head to take the gold medal.

Austin Butler, in his role as Elvis Presley

3. Colin Farrell

One of the most famous actors in Hollywood, he is without a doubt Colin Farrell, who in countless tapes has shown the talent. Now, his most recent film Banshees by Inisherin, place him as a possible candidate for the “best actor” nomination. The story begins with a conflict between two lifelong friends, one of whom (Gleeson) decides to stop talking to the other for no reason or explanation. Farrell plays the simpler and better of the two, a candid but robust role that is among the best of the year and that earned him the Volpi Cup for Best Actor in Venice.

Collin Farrell, in "Banshees by Inisherin"

Four. bill nighty

The first actor also sounds like a possible candidate for the film Living roomled by by Oliver Hermanus. Out of Competition premiered in Venice, which has cost it to go unnoticed at festivals; However, that does not detract from the great performance of Bill, who brings to life a veteran civil servant buried under paperwork, while the city is rebuilt after World War II. After receiving a very unpromising diagnosis, the man will put all his efforts to make the people around him happy. Nighy should be noted, he has never been nominated for an Oscar, and without a doubt, this would mean a huge leap for his acting career.

bill nighty

5. Hugh Jackman

The movie of The sonfeatures the great Hugh Jackman as the protagonist, the story narrates the severe depression that he will face zen mcgrathJackman’s son. The actor, plays a concerned father but unable to manage the boy’s relapses along with the needs of his new family (he has another son with Vanessa Kirby), an absorbing job, and the concerns of his ex-wife, Laura Dern. The entire movie revolves around his efforts, so if there’s any award he can hope to win, it’s this one.

The film opens until November 11, however, after the Venice Film Festival, (and although it did not stand out much), it can be a great candidate to position Jackman, in the following nominations.

movie scene "The son"

Who do you think could also be on the list?

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