The postman always rings twice.


Rome, 2 October 2021.

The recurrence.

Cult film of the new noir-erotic is The Postman Always Rings Twice, by Bob Rafelson, released in Italy on October 2, 1981.

There history.

Frank Chambers he is a strange subject, who in order to move forward gets involved with small scams against various unfortunates.

While passing through California, in Santa Barbara, he stops at a gas station with an adjoining inn run by an elderly Greek immigrant and his handsome wife.

From the first glances it is clear that there is a mutual interest between Frank and Cora, wife dissatisfied with the Greek Nick.

Frank he does not have a penny to pay for the meal consumed in the inn and to pay off his debt he accepts the offer of Nick to work in the service station as a mechanic.

Between Cora and Frank the first languors turn into a relationship, encouraged by the tiredness of Cora who refuses to lead that kind of life with a husband she doesn’t love.

The passion between the two flares up to the point that Cora convinces Frank to kill Nick, in order to start a new life.

The first attempt fails with Nick who is seriously injured, without the slightest suspicion of Frank who even saves him by rescuing him.

The danger escaped Nick asks to Cora to give her a child, arousing in her an even stronger desire to kill him.

The second attempt succeeds but Frank, in the staged incident, he is seriously injured.

There is a basic charge for complicity in murder, aggravated by the collection of adequate life insurance for Nick.

The trial seems to lead to the condemnation of the two lovers, especially for the not quite mirrored past of Frank.


The defense lawyer, however, manages to overturn the cards with great skill and ensures that there is freedom for the two accused, who arrive very tried to the final sentence.

Frank and Cora, who in the meantime has to look after the sick mother, they separate for a while but when they meet again, to reopen the business, their relationship is rekindled.

A new life, a baby growing in the womb of Cora, common projects that dramatically collapse due to a cynical and cheating destiny.


Remake from 1946 where the protagonist is a seductive Lana Turner, the film is set in the mid-thirties in full economic depression.

Metaphor of the Irish postmen who always knock twice for their recognition and who in the film sees destiny, in the end, collect his bill.

Rafelson, compared to the first edition, bearing in mind the different periods of production, exacerbates the sexual obsession of the first actors.

A natural force, as compensation for the life they lead Frank and Cora, an almost animalistic relationship with explicit (?) sex scenes that cause hype and hype.

The protagonists.

Jack Nicholson is perfect in the role of the ambiguous Frank at ease in understanding with the director Rafelson, in their third film, following the successes of Five Easy Pieces and Marvin’s King of the Gardens.

Jessica Lange is Cora, in one of its most sensual interpretations.

At his cinematic debut, in 1976’s King Kong, he looks like yet another Hollywood-produced sex bomb; hypothesis disproved by this film and the following Tootsie the following year.

Good at pandering to a madman like Nicholson, she rightfully enters the erotic imagery of at least a couple of generations with the lewd image of the character Cora.

Rounding out the cast are John Colicos, Nick, Michael Lerner, Cora and Frank’s skilled defense attorney, Anjelica Huston and Christopher Lloyd.


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