The PP of Elche distances itself from the regional one by reprimanding the Consell for authorizing Medicine in the UA

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The decision of the Valencian Government of Ximo Puig de authorize the degree of Medicine at the University of Alicante (UA) has left a whole amalgam of reactions from the different actors.

On the one hand, the one with the anger of the UMH, where this career has been taught since its inception in 1996 after taking it from the UA; on the other, that of foreseeable support granted by the mayor of the city of Elche, Carlos Gonzálezwho has never distanced himself from the movements of his party partner in the Consell and even less so now that his continuity as a candidate to revalidate the mayor’s office is at stake.

However, among the reactions, another striking has been that of the Popular Party of Elche. Against the position of the PP of the Valencian Communitythe team led by Pablo Ruz considers that the implementation by 2023 of this degree in Alicante It is bad news because, in his opinion, it affects Elchewhich is where the UMH headquarters are.

“Puig has been harming the city for many years and governing with his back to all Ilcitanos. With the recent decision of the PSOE to harm the UMH, which is the most important academic institution in the city, demonstrate the lack of commitment and disloyalty with Elche“, said his spokesman Ruz in a statement this Friday.

“It is incomprehensible that Carlos González takes a position on the side of his party and not of the UMH when harmful decisions are made for the city. We demand that the PSOE of Elche change its position and defend the UMH“, has added.

“For this reason, we present to the next plenary session an institutional declaration in defense of the UMH and the arguments that they prove and contribute so that the UMH can offer more places for the degree in medicine in the face of political decisions that do not contribute anything”, concluded the also PP senator.

The PP in the courts

Just two months ago, the spokesman for the Popular Group University in Les Corts, Luis Martínez, accused the president of the Generalitat, Ximo Puig, of “lack of political will” to implant medical studies at the University of Alicante.

“It is very serious that the degree of Medicine is denied to the University of Alicante when meets all the requirements that are legally established in the regulations and this is confirmed by both the Ministry and the Conselleria itself”, he reiterated.

Martinez recalled that In Valencia there are three faculties of Medicine and another two in Castellón. Only one in Alicante, at the UMH, said then. For this reason, he considered that it was “an obvious disproportion regarding the number of places in relation to the inhabitants”.

The 130 places in Alicante are far from the previous two due to the population rate, 6.9. And the demand is very high. There are “two thousand students on the waiting list to study degrees related to health in the midst of a pandemic at the universities of Alicante and Elche, and the demand is seven times higher than the places offered. The closure and the attack on the province cannot be explained of Alicante”, he concluded.

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