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Image of the visit of pre-university students to the UCLM / Clara Manzano

Nursing and Medicine are the degrees with the greatest demand from the pre-university students of the province who this morning have participated in the information campaign that the University of Castilla-La Mancha (UCLM) has held on the Ciudad Real campus. 626 students from 12 centers have learned about the schools and faculties of the campus with a view to their future access to the university. Some have expressed their intention to study Mathematics, a degree that the UCLM will launch next year.

digging star from the IES Santa María de Alarcos wants to study the Degree in Nursing or Medicine and participated in the information campaign that the UCLM has held on the Ciudad Real campus to guide them on these studies since their intention is to stay in Ciudad Real.

Pre-university students from Ciudad Real, participants in the information campaign of the UCLM / Clara Manzano

Lucy, from the IES Maestre de Calatrava is also clear that she wants to study Nursing because, since she was little, she wants to be a nurse. She hoped to get to know the Faculty and see what she will be able to do next year.

Her friend and a schoolmate also wants to study Nursing because she would like to be a midwife and fulfill her dream. She does not care about the demand that she has this degree or the grade required to enroll. This morning she was excited “with what we are going to see at the University today”, she pointed out.

Adriana wants to study Nursing or Medicine/ Clara Manzano

Adriana, also from the IES Maestre de Calatrava, wants to study Nursing or Medicine and, depending on the grades, see which of the degrees he has access to here or outside of Castilla-La Mancha. He knows that access to these degrees is complicated and that many of the UCLM Medicine students go to other countries to practice.

Among the testimonies collected by this digital before beginning the information campaign that the UCLM has held today in the Auditorium Luis Arroyo of the Faculty of Law, the one of Lucas Golderosfrom the IES Santa María de Alarcos who opted for the Mathematics degree, one of the four that the UCLM will be able to start next year and that will be taught in the Polytechnic Building of the Ciudad Real campus, as this digital advanced in an interview with the rector, Julián Garde.

Visit of pre-university students to learn about the UCLM / Clara Manzano

More than 600 pre-university

626 pre-university students from 12 centers in the province, that is, four from IES in Ciudad Real and one from Manzanares, Daimiel, Villanueva de los Infantes, Porzuna, Socuéllamos, Malagón, Puertollano and Viso del Marqués have participated in the information campaign “Study in a UCLM”, organized by the Office of the Vice-Rector for Coordination, Communication and Promotion with the aim of introducing young people to the UCLM campus and headquarters.

This initiative, which began yesterday on the Toledo campus, was held today on the Ciudad Real campus and at the Almadén headquarters, and will be held again on February 3, 9, 17, and 23 at the Faculty of Law and on February 3 at the Almadén headquarters.

The academic directors of the Office of the Vice-Rector for Students and Communication and Promotion, Jesús Molero and Ángel Millán, respectively, have been in charge of transmitting the UCLM message to future university students so that they can learn about the quality and offer of the studies it offers the academic institution.

UCLM information campaign on the Ciudad Real campus/ Clara Manzano

New degrees next year

Molero, in addition, valued the university education of the UCLM that will increase with the incorporation of new Degrees, the next course, as is the case of Mathematics in Ciudad Real; Psychology in Albacete; Physics in Toledo and Biomedical Engineering in Cuenca.

The UCLM began yesterday the round of visits by students of Baccalaureate and Higher Degree Training Cycles to all its campuses and university venues so that the pre-university students know the faculties and schools of the academic institution. The UCLM hopes that around 10,000 students from the region will participate in this campaign that will last until February 23.

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