The preliminary hearing against José “Piculín” Ortiz is postponed due to an incident that occurred in front of his business in Lajas

Mayaguez – Judge Geysa Villarubia Rivera, of the Court of Mayagüez, outlined for September 2 the preliminary hearing against the former basketball player Jose “Piculin” Ortiz for charges related to an incident that occurred in front of his restaurant in La Parguera, Lajas, when he allegedly pointed a pneumatic weapon at a man and caused damage to his vehicle, in events that occurred on July 4.

Ortiz and the affected José Vargas Dominicci were present in the judge’s room to determine if there is enough evidence for a trial. However, attorney Carlos Torres Viada, substituting attorney Carlos Torres Nolasco, requested that it be changed to a later date because his colleague was in court in Ponce.

The former player of the National Team is accused of the crimes of aggravated damages, threat and violation of articles 6.05 (carrying, transportation or use of firearms without a license and Article 6.06 (carrying and use of white weapons) Weapons Law after Vargas Dominicci alleged that he pointed a pistol at him, which turned out to be pneumatic.

“Thank you for your presence,” Ortiz told the media as he left the room.

Vargas Dominicci, who was accompanied by relatives, did not comment.

The preliminary hearing was scheduled for 10:00 am on Friday, September 2.

The alleged facts

According to the report, the incident occurred in front of the Ortiz Vintage Pizza business. Vargas Dominicci, 23, alleges that while at the premises accompanied by another person, Ortiz pointed a black pistol at them and, in turn, damaged his Jeep Wrangler with a brown rubber band. Police later established that it was a pneumatic or compressed air gun.

Damage was estimated at about $500.

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That day, Judge Margarita Gaudier Lavergne determined cause for arrest on two charges and set bail for $5,000, which Ortiz posted through a private bondsman.

After the Court’s decision, Ortiz spoke about the event on social networks.

“Grateful for your concern and great support from good friends. I ask you for the necessary space for me, but, above all, for my family”pray the brief statements.

Ortiz maintained that, by legal recommendation, he would not make comments so as “not to affect the ongoing investigation.”

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