The prequel of ‘La Casa de Papel’ already has a release date • Canal C

After a long wait, Netflix has finally revealed the release date of “Berlin”, the highly anticipated spinoff of the hit series “La Casa de Papel”. Fans will be able to dive into this prequel starting December 29, with Pedro Alonso reprising his role as Berlin.

The series will be set before the events that took place in “La Casa de Papel” and will focus on the man named after the German capital as the main protagonist of the plot. As far as the content of “Berlin” is concerned, the creators promise a different approach to heists, using elements of illusion and sleight of hand.

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The prequel of 'La Casa de Papel' already has a release date • Canal C

For his part, Pedro Alonso, who plays Berlin, has hinted that his character will undergo significant changes, evolving from a tense and dangerous character to “a hymn to the joy of living”. However, her role as a passionate seducer remains intact.

The story of “Berlin” is based on Andrés de Folonosa’s golden years as a thief, before his imprisonment at the Mint, as he prepares an extraordinary robbery in which 44 million euros of jewels disappear. Additionally, the spinoff introduces a new group of thieves led by Michelle Jenner, Tristan Ulloa, Begona Vargas, Julio Peña Fernández and Joel Sanchez.

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