The president of Barcelona reveals how Piqué is doing after his breakup with Shakira

The divorce novel between Shakira and Piqué has been in the spotlight for the last month. The couple, who had been together for 12 years, is going through its worst moment. In the last few hours, it became known that the Barranquilla singer would not let Piqué enter her house in Barcelona.

In addition, some statements by the president of Barcelona were known. Jon Laporta stayed away from the sports issue, so he chose to talk about the couple’s relationship.

In the words collected by the magazine Hello!Laporta implies that the footballer is not having a good time and pointed out that he must be helped.

“Piqué is suffering a lot because of Shakira. As much as we imagine; we have in our imagination players with fame, money and everything we like, but they are people and Piqué is a great human being. He is one of the captains, he is very lucky and has given us a lot as a team”, he says in support of his player.

”Although he has gone through circumstances that are not pretty at all, with small children, Piqué deserves all the support and love of the fans. fans. Do not listen to the news that tries to show him as a frivolous man, without feelings, who does not feel anything. I am lucky to know him and to have treated him as a person. He is an extraordinary person who is suffering. and you have to help him“, he pointed.

They would have already signed the divorce

Celebrities have been the focus of paparazzi attention in Spain. In addition, new information was revealed that ensures that, despite not having been officially married, they would have already signed divorce papers, which would make the break official.

According to the journalist Jordi Martin, a few days ago the soccer player’s lawyer was seen at the ex-partner’s house, carrying some documents. According to the reporter, the papers would correspond to the divorce and custody of his two children, Sasha and Milan.

The journalist also revealed that the woman with whom Piqué was unfaithful would be dating the player since December 2021 and that he would even have already attended the stadium to see him play.

Why do Piqué’s friends call Shakira ‘La Patrona’?

According to the journalist Lorena Vázquez, from Telecinco in Spain, the defender’s entourage referred to Shakira as La Patrona, since apparently she did not have a very good relationship with the athlete’s group of friends.

According to the communicator, there would be three reasons for calling her that way:

– He would not have mixed too much with Piqué’s friends. Apparently, he avoided sharing in the least with the other players and close friends of his ex.

– He would have avoided relating to the wives of the other Barcelona footballers. In fact, a few years ago it was said that the interpreter of the sun rises and Messi’s wife, Antonela Rocuzzo, got along very badly.

– He would have shown on several occasions that he was not comfortable in Barcelona. According to the communicator, her only friend was Piqué’s mother, a relationship that would not be at its best because of the breakup.

Vásquez said in the program that the attitude of the Colombian with Piqué’s friends during these years would not have been the best, which could have become one of the causes of confrontations between the couple.

In addition, it should be noted that the barranquillera would have caught him hanging out with another woman, a reason that triggered the breakup. It was known that they had been trying to fix their relationship for some time.

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