The price of the most wanted iPhone 13 plummets

Few brands are on the market today that can boast the fame it enjoys Manzana. Having an iPhone continues to be a status symbol, although this feeling has been diminished over the years. However, the apple company has managed to gain an image associated with luxury. The iPhone 13 It has been one more proof of it.

The features of the iPhone 13: why it is such a sought-after smartphone

Beyond the prestige of this brand, its terminals have a great quality. It is something that can be seen with the naked eye with its latest phone, the iPhone 13. Its screen full OLED of 6.1 inches leaves hardly any gap for the frame, thus giving an image much more minimalist. Apple has always opted for minimalism, design and elegance, which is something that fits with the way they feel about the brand. The screen also incorporates True Tone technology that will allow you to eliminate that annoying blue light. Plus, it has a maximum brightness of 1200 nits so you can see well even in bright sunlight.

Apple iPhone 13 phone

On the other hand, it has a A15 Bionic chip, the most modern of the company. It promises to be faster than any other, thus allowing you to perform any type of task without any latency. Even the most demanding will find that this phone has the power they need, and much more. Refering to Storage capacity, part from 128 GB to 512 GB. The offer that we bring you today is the model of 128GB. With this capacity, you can easily save all your files and hundreds of applications.

One of the great strengths of the iPhone 13 is its dual camera. It has two lenses, one with wide angle and one with ultra wide angle. Thanks to the combination of both, you will be able to make the best Photographs no need to be a great expert. You can take panoramic photos and try the night modejust like him DeepFusion.

The pink iPhone is on sale on Amazon

Find a iPhone 13 in pink It has not been an easy task on many occasions, since it is a highly sought after color. However, you should know that in amazon It’s on sale right now for just €860. Apple prices are usually quite high, since we are talking about a high-end brand. But with offers like this it is much easier to get a phone with these features. Also discounted is the model of 256GBso you can choose between both.

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