The price that Pachuca put on Luis Chávez when Club América sought to sign him

Tuesday, January 3, 2023

After his brilliant participation with the Mexican team in it Qatar World Cup 2022, Luis Chavez Several clubs are the object of desire, especially Mexican soccer. One of them is Rayados de Monterreya team that would be willing to spend a large amount of money to get their services for this Closing Tournament 2023.

However, before the footballer of the Tuzos del Pachuca became popular, he America club he wanted to take it to his filars. It was in the transfer market prior to the start of the Turner Opening 2022but the negotiations could not prosper due to the high cost that the Hidalguense squad put on it.

Last summer, the upper echelons of the cadre of the beautiful airy They had the 26-year-old soccer player appraised between six and seven million dollars (MDD). Said figure was out of the budget of the azulcrema leadership, headed by Hector González Iñárritu Y Santiago Banosoperational and sports president, respectively, which is why his arrival at the nest could not be specified.

Augustin Cuevas/Getty Images

Luis Chávez wants to go to Europe

Right now, Luis Chávez’s main desire is to go to Europe in this transfer market; However, until now there is no real offer, there is only one of The gangsquad with whom Pachuca reached an agreement, but the author of one of the best goals of the World Cup in Qatar refuses to sign.

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