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castle escape

castle escape

The heiress to the throne wakes up handcuffed in the highest tower of her castle, after the troops of the evil Julius have taken it by storm. When he finds out that he intends to marry her, the princess tries to run away from her, but it will not be an easy task as the place is full of assassins.

The unknown Le-Van Kiet (Furie, The Requin) directs for Hulu a film inspired by old Disney tales and animated films, but thinking about the times of female empowerment, where it is frowned upon for the prince on duty to save the lady in distress. Hence, a story has been composed in which the central character is a girl with arms to take, who can manage on her own, without the need for male support. It therefore follows the path of modern action titles, such as wonder-womanwhose success has paved the way in recent years for female leads in this type of cinema.

This film offers well-choreographed fight scenes, although none seem too original. The director cites as references the raid and John Wick, but the comparisons are hateful. It is quite shocking that a somewhat violent tone has been chosen, without going too far, but not suitable for the little ones, but then a fairly simple story is recreated, with puerile dialogues, typical of a low-quality children’s television program. In this way, it is not very clear what age group the film is aimed at. Many visual effects fail, because it does not seem that the adequate budget has been available. On the other hand, the characters are reduced to second-rate comic archetypes, especially the secondary villains, who express themselves through growls. Joey King is saved (My first kiss), in the leading role, but against the other times effective Olga Kurylenko and Dominic Cooper seem more lost than an octopus in a garage.

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