the princess of Beauty and the Beast should have been very different

The Disney animated movies cradled the childhood of many of us, so much so that today it is difficult for us to imagine these works otherwise. So when a newly released book teaches us that the princess of The beauty and the Beast was originally very different from the one we all know, that inevitably intrigues us.

beautiful, a princess who has changed a lot

Cult animated films, Disney has made them with a vengeance, not to mention Pixar productions. We obviously think of the cult Lion King or even to The little Mermaidwhich have in common to be part of these films adapted in live-action. Also in this list is The beauty and the Beast (1991), adapted in 2017 into a musical film with Emma Watson in the role of the famous princess.

A freedom from the original work taken from Disney, since said princess was somewhat different. But what you probably didn’t know until then is thatoriginally, while the animated film Beauty and the Beast was still in its infancy, Belle was very different and strongly resembled… Angelina Jolie! This is what we learn, among other things, from the book Disney Princess: Beyond the Tiara.

Beautiful, a princess “too perfect”

The book was released this Tuesday, September 20 Disney Princess: Beyond the Tiara. Available only in English, it retraces the history of the various Disney princesses as well as their impact on popular culture, in particular with the help of archives and interviews. Paige O’Hara, Belle’s voice actress in the original version in The beauty and the Beasttook part in the exercise and reveals that the original sketches for Belle “showed her as a glamorous woman, but [que] the animators quickly adapted the character to make sure viewers could relate to her.”

Indeed, in the original sketches, it was represented “with more prominent lips, slightly darker eyebrows and slightly smaller eyes [que la princesse Ariel]”, so thatshe “looked a lot like Angelina Jolie, very beautiful”. TOO beautiful, by the way, since Belle had become one “a bit too perfect”, and Paige O’Hara “didn’t see how anyone could identify with this person”.

If this is very flattering for Angelina Jolie, Disney was obviously ahead of its time and did not want to make its princesses into canons of beauty, too perfect to talk to viewers.

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