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Le-Van Kiet’s new film, The Princess – 46% (princess), is the latest addition to the wave of female-led action movies. Let’s say that this is nothing new, however, it seems that studios are showing more and more interest in this type of story as soon as there were some examples told like Terminator – 100%, Alien – The Eighth Passenger – 97% or The Fifth Element – 71%, now we have productions like Atómica – 76%, Mad Max: Fury Road – 97%, Agents 355 – 25%, Jolt- 33%, without forgetting ballerinaspin-off of John Wick which is in development. In the film that concerns us now, the Vietnamese director takes the figure of the medieval princess to turn her into an action heroine in The princessa film that has left more disappointment than pleasure.

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Although overall the production of Hulu, released in Mexico through Star+, shows a negative rating, the reviews that rated positively affirm that it does not aspire to go beyond mere entertainment, subverting Disney-style princess stories, while flirting with the forms of martial arts cinema and the structure of video games. But it is clear that, although The Princess promised to be a very good action proposal, it is unsuccessful in aspects such as the script, the CGI and the little sense of surprise.

Starring Joey King, the film follows a princess (King) who refuses to marry a cruel sociopath (Dominic Cooper), so she is kidnapped and locked in the tallest tower of her father’s castle. With her vengeful suitor determined to take her father’s throne from her, the princess must save her kingdom. In the cast we also find Van Veronica Ngo, Olga Kurylenko, Ed Stoppard, Alex Reid, Ivo Arakov, among others.

With a Joey King convincing as a vengeful princess, a brilliant appetizer waiting to see her in Bullet Train, her next action flick, The Princess has disappointed critics. For many, this is the perfect definition of what “programming film” means, that is, a film that does not have a clear and unimaginative proposal; in short, a product that acts as superficial entertainment in the programming of some television channel.

The biggest mistake is that the film does not significantly commit to anything, not even female empowerment, its strongest card when tracing the exploits of a medieval girl power, a wasted opportunity according to specialists. But beyond the speech, the journalists were not satisfied with the formal aspects either, finding serious oversights in the execution, for example, a rhythm run over by flashbacks, unsightly framing and too much use of CGI.

The positive reviews have been dedicated to rescuing the most outstanding aspects, such as the performances of Joey King, veronica, Olga Kurylenko Y Dominic Cooper, specifically they have celebrated the great action scenes of King and Ngo, affirming that they are the ones who steal the show. The light-hearted humor, its B-style exploitation style and no-nonsense bloody violence, as well as its flirtations with martial arts cinema are some other favorable aspects of the film.

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As we saw, The Princess – 46% has outstanding elements, but the result is uneven, and although it does not intend to discover the black thread and rather be a fun movie, the truth is that it does not manage to be totally attractive to be considered entertaining either. Next, we share some opinions of the critic.

Maggie Lovitz of Collider:

The Princess could have been the rallying cry people need right now to fight back against patriarchal oppression, but unfortunately, it has no idea how to get rid of the narrow ideas of how to flip the script on all these tropes.

Mikel Zorrilla from Espinof:

In the end, what remains is an unequal cocktail, both narratively and purely visually.

Juan Pairet Iglesias of The seventh art:

‘The Princess’ is low-profile, conservative, impersonal and unimaginative exploitation cinema. A functional product that acts as a superficial distraction…

Lena Wilson of TheWrap:

‘The Princess’ isn’t sexy or clean enough to cross the line into cheesy fun. The castle it takes place in is a giant CGI, which produces several ugly shots.

Gabriella Geisinger of frames:

…it’s not a movie that commits to anything significant at all. And worst of all: it’s not even entertaining.

Brent Simon from A.V. Club:

The Princess is forgettable: just another number in a library of entertainment assets, the kind of stuff executives refer to as content or programming on shareholder calls. There is no glory for anyone involved here…

Tessa Smith of Mama’s Geeky:

The princess has some really amazing action sequences from Joey King and Veronica Ngo. Dominic Cooper is great, but the girls steal the show.

Jesus Chavarria of The reason:

…the main objective is mere entertainment in the line of martial arts cinema, presenting in passing the normalization of another profile of protagonists within it, and that, without being outstanding, fulfills its mission.

Martin Cid of MartinCid.Com:

The film gives us another lesson in easy cinema but… with rhythm, entertaining and nice that does not intend to teach us about anything and is rather an opportunistic subversion of princess tales…

Andy Crump’s Paste Magazine:

The Princess remains optimistic. Kiet’s focus is on the decomposition of human bodies through sheer violence, yes, but it has a playful spirit complemented, perhaps, by the presence of King…

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