“The problem with diabetes is that it doesn’t cause harm until it causes a lot of damage and it’s irreversible.”

This Tuesday is World Diabetes Day, an event to raise awareness and educate about this chronic disease, which afflicts approximately 140,000 people in Grenada, according to calculations by the Grenada Diabetes Association (Agradi). Its two aspects, Type 1 and Type 2, have the same name, but they are well distinguished. The second of them is the most prevalent, since it is the one that appears in adults due to factors such as lack of hygiene and healthy dietary habits. Jorge Parra, professional of the Internal Medicine Service at Vithas Grenada, admits that there is still a long way to go regarding this pathology, but he shows his confidence in an increasingly aware and informed society.

Antonio Salinas, president of AGRA, at an educational event this weekend highlighted the importance of uniting and raising awareness among the general public about “a reality that scares us, which is that diabetes is becoming the epidemic of the 21st century. ” George Parra explains that type 2 is the major epidemic that is in many cases linked to obesity. “There are more and more drugs and strategies to fight obesity,” says the health worker, who explains that these advances also boost the pulse with diabetes. Similarly, it is reiterated that currently there is more “nutritional information and culture about food”.

an effort that is not punctual

A section of the society has adopted a practice that revolves around a sacrifice with a specific purpose. Practices such as the well-known ‘Operation Bikini’ are missions with an end destination, which cannot be viewed in the same way when talking about diabetes. “Adequate diet without abusing refined carbohydrates” or physical exercise, especially strength training, are the two basic recommendations of the Vithas Granada doctor to prevent diabetes. On the other hand, consuming highly processed products or skipping sports is known as “creating insulin resistance”.

“It is not about going on a diet, but about modifying the relationship with food,” emphasizes Parra, who points out that maintaining regularity is important because “not everyone is willing to follow it. Because it involves modifying ‘the way I eat’. Life”. “A little hope is opening up,” says the health professional, who notes that it has become common for citizens to “seek out personal trainers or nutritionists” or seek information. The population is beginning to become aware that “it is important to maintain fairly clean dietary habits.” On the other hand, he points out, the possibility of routine has also increased, a situation that may prevent people from eating well. Allows you to not worry about being able to do this outside the home.

Importance of prevention to get early diagnosis

One of the main aspects of the awareness campaigns on World Diabetes Day every year is that many people suffer from this condition without knowing it. It is unusual in Type 1 cases because it appears in childhood when children do not produce insulin. On the other hand, in Type 2 the rise in sugar occurs more slowly. “The pancreas produces insulin, but the body needs more and more of it,” explains George Parra.

The health care professional says he always gives his patients the example of a truck whose shock absorbers gradually wear out when it exceeds the weight limit it can accept. “I could go years with a little too much sugar and it would be damaging my body without realizing it,” he explains. The key to exercise prevention is to check glycated hemoglobin, which “has increased within the last 3 months.” Reflects the stability of the sugar.” “We are developing a project in which we want to enable better control,” adds the Vithas doctor, who emphasizes the importance of campaigns to “detect early if a person is pre-diabetic”.

“Type 2 diabetes cannot be cured, but it can be reversed.”

Progress is also noticeable in the daily life of patients. Parra expresses that “diabetics are doing things better and better.” “I tell patients that type 2 diabetes can’t be cured, but it can be reversed,” he reveals. This statement is based on the fact that “type 2 diabetes is a disease of society, of excess sugar and food and lack of exercise”, a burden that can be freed. Parra is even convinced that in some cases one can live without medication, but “always under medical control.”

Reducing the impact of diabetes will also mean reducing its consequences. This disease is the leading cause of stroke, heart attack, lower limb problems, blindness, chronic kidney failure or high blood pressure. All trucks in the city can be fitted with shock absorbers to reach their destination in good health.

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