The producers of the Halo series will not take into account the video games or their history

Paramount +’s ambitious bet has a budget of more than 90 million dollars.

The next March 24th will come to Paramount+ the long-awaited live action series of the legendary xbox franchise and is already receiving its first reviews, being mostly favorable. In any case, the Halo series project is presented as tremendously ambitious, with a budget of $10 million per episode and a second season already confirmed.

In a recent interview with Variety, the Executive producer from the first season, Steven Kane (creator of The Last Ship), confessed that not taking into account the history of the Master Chief games: “We never talk about the games. We talk about the characters and the world. So I never felt limited by being a video game.”

paul schreiberwho will play the Master Chief in the series, has highlighted the richness and depth of the universe: “I found them amazing”, in addition to being excited about what it means to narrate about a world that has all that context and preliminary development. As we have learned, early in the production process for the series, the decision was made by the production company and 343 Industries to heavily base the series on gaming mythology, but chart your own narrative path.

We never talk about the games. We talked about the characters and the world.Steven Kane, executive producer of the first seasonThis series would develop into what they have baptized as the Silver timeline. “At first, we were thinking of doing something that could relate very closely to the game,” explained veteran Microsoft executive Kiki Wolfkill, but they found that “trying to take every word of everything we’ve had before I wasn’t serving the medium or the creative teams and his need to express his story and build the world through his vision.”

“Let’s count the story of a man who discovers his own humanity“, promised Kane. A year ago, we already knew that the Halo series would seek its own path, but it seems that the producers have taken this purpose to the letter. If you are fans of the Master Chief, remember that in 3DJuegos you have our analysis of Halo Infinite, a shooter with exquisite action.

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