“The promenade, Campo Zaccari and the schools of via Napoli are issues to be resolved” – Sanremonews.it

“With the month of September, administrative activity resumes and in Bordighera there are many issues to address and problems to solve As the walk by the sea – notify the minority city councilor Jose Trucchi “In a few days, thestart of works for Restructuring of the first stretch of the promenade.. Contrary to The mayor promised almost nothing during the election campaign. Modified from the original project. The palm trees remain by the sea, which in my opinion they distort the peculiarity and the original style of the Facing the sea, there are options that deserve further study of the furniture urban, it is not clear if all the indications have been implemented ministerial for the protection of the green beginning with the Araucarias”.

“About him zaccari field We are witnessing a strange exchange of responsibilities. between the regional administration that would seem interested in financing the indispensable restoration works and the center-right mayors of the our territory has no interest in carrying them out or likes ours Bordighera is interested in a very distant way” – point out tricks – “In schools in via Napoli It is urgent to start the practices promised in the last council to define who is responsible for the work, it seems It supposes an expense of 2 million euros for the restoration of the building. In case of impossibility of execution by the company that had originally built the school that our Municipality should do with it immediate loading as top priority over everything else reserving the right to retaliate in the corresponding forums”.

“It is also urgent to fix the gardens as promised in Villa Felomena For Provide minimal play space for currently settled children. in via Pelloux” – concludes the municipal councilor of Juntos – “Even the practices on the Roundabout of Sant’Ampelio and about the hospital in a very few months will reach a final tipping point. we will be ready for check what will happen in the interest of citizens Bordighera”.

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