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At least once a month we have the premiere of a film backed by an enviable cast and creative team, we think that nothing can go wrong, except when it comes to people seasoned in the genre… but no, it will never be a bet safe when there is no desire to take a premise seen over and over again in action movies to another level, nor when there is a lack of commitment. The Protected – 47% is the most recent film that represents this trend, and the fact is that the trio of protagonists has not been enough to rescue it from oblivion, nor has the direction of Martin Campbell, who is responsible for two of the films that, for many, are among the most thrilling episodes of the Bond saga (007: Casino Royale – 95% and 007: GoldenEye – 82%), as well as the entertaining La Mascara Del Zorro – 83%, although he has also directed monumental disasters like Green Lantern – 26%.

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The surprises don’t stop there, Richard Wenk, screenwriter of movies like The Justiciero – 60%, Expendables 2 – 65% and Jack Reacher: No Return – 38%, is the one who signs the script for this film starring Samuel L. Jackson, Maggie Q and Michael Keaton. With such credentials, critics have had no mercy when evaluating the film, although they recognize that its intention is not to stand out for its finesse or originality (like all action movies), the lack of attention to plot twists is criticized. , the absence of suspense in the revenge thriller and the waste of a first-class acting team.

The story narrates the following: when she was just a girl, Anna (Maggie Q) was collected by Moody (Samuel L Jackson), a legendary assassin, his mentor and father figure. 20 years later, Anna has become one of the most skilled hit men on the planet. When Moody is brutally murdered, Anna swears revenge, and to do so she allies herself with Rembrandt (Michael Keaton), an enigmatic assassin. As the two grow closer, the confrontation becomes more and more dangerous. In addition to the actors already mentioned, the protégé It also features performances by Robert Patrick, Patrick Malahide, Ekaterina Baker, Ori Pfeffer, among others.

Without a doubt, the leading trio is the greatest attraction and best attribute of a film that, according to critics, has underestimated its audience by presenting silly, pointless and predictable action. For journalists, the actors overcome the shortcomings of the script, although it is true that they cannot do much to cover up the lack of rigor in the construction of their characters, especially those played by Samuel L Jackson and Michael Keaton. Is Maggie Q who shines in Unbreakable, the actress is like a fish in water, delivering scenes where she shows all her physical ability and commitment, proving why Jackie Chan once named her the promise of action cinema.

Despite the plot and tone deficiencies, there is a segment of specialists who have pleasantly enjoyed the film, affirming that it was created to spend some time disconnecting and, therefore, it fulfills that objective, in addition to being made to the “ old school”, something that is not necessarily a compliment, because it uses all the clichés related to the genre. They have also found genuine chemistry between Maggie Q and Michael Keatonwhich elevates the experience.

But beyond the actors, as well as the few positive reviews, the film offers very little to an audience eager for fast-paced chases, well-deserved hits and a thirst for revenge, a shame because, for most critics, the protégé it’s a missed opportunity for Martin Campbell, who had all the right ingredients at his disposal, caliber actors, but brought together and cooked “in disastrous order.” Next, we share some of the opinions of the critics of El Protegido – 47%:

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Siddhant Adlakha of IGN:

Everyone involved not only deserves better, but has made better versions of what they do here. The right ingredients, put together in a disastrous order.

Oti Rodriguez Marchante from ABC:

…the plot is entangled in the usual revenge, fights, persecutions and brutalities that neither have an explanation nor need them.

Nell Minnow from Movie Mom:

It wants to be as stylish as “John Wick”, but it’s not. Director Martin Campbell wants to replicate the sexy sword fight as a romantic foreplay from “The Mask of Zorro,” but with these characters and this level of hand-to-hand combat, it doesn’t work out as expected.

Matt Conway from Battle Royale With Cheese:

The script doesn’t even know what it wants to do with these characters at some points, presenting a random backstory that never develops in any meaningful way.

Javier Sanchez from Frustrated Moviegoers:

Its mediocre script, its lack of action and surprise and the waste of great actors means that I cannot recommend this film to you at all.

Rachel Hernandez of Hobby Consoles:

His greatest sin is to underestimate the viewer and treat him as if he were a fool, pretending that he communes with mill wheels.

Dirk Libbey of Cinemablend:

Maggie Q is so good that it raises the bar, but for the most part The Protégé doesn’t deliver.

Brian Orndorf from blu-ray.com:

The casting keeps “The Protégé” moving, while Jackson stays on the loose and Maggie Q gives one of her best performances on the big screen, combining her natural physicality with some emotional value.

Blai Morell from frames:

…what a joy to watch Maggie Q and Michael Keaton have a good time in this action thriller, a holdover from a glorious time, elevated by that seasoned professional touch.

Juan Pairet Iglesias from The seventh art:

The tape survives itself because of Campbell’s narrative spirit, capable of overcoming a script that seems to have been written by Jekyll and Hyde in four hands. In the 90s it might even have become a little classic.

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