The PSOE requests the protocols on the use of firearms from the Local Police

The socialist councilor Ana Rivas requested this Wednesday to know the protocols of the Local Police for the use of firearms by the agents, the actions of the plainclothes officers and the identification procedures with the aim of trying to shed light on the shooting occurred last Friday on the esplanade of the San Lázaro Paniceres well, on the outskirts of Florida.

The mayor of the PSOE made this request in the Economy and Interior commission after a plainclothes officer fired three shots at a car that had fled, stepping on it in the maneuver, as the occupants, a couple of students, did not believe of Medicine, that they were policemen when they asked him to identify himself.

Rivas accused the Councilor for Citizen Security, José Ramón Prado, of having incurred in a “change in the story” in relation to his first statements about what happened. “At first, he limited himself to fully supporting the actions of the agents while demanding that the opposition remain silent in the face of requests to investigate this case. Instead, it has upheld the same line of argument as the Mayor, in the that he was talking about a misunderstanding,” he explained.

According to the socialist, the mayor now limits himself to saying that we must wait for the resolution of the judicial investigation and that of the National Police. “At least now he accepts our position that there has been a danger and a security risk and it should be investigated,” he said.

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