The PUBG maker has revealed a Sims-like prochain with realistic graphics in Unreal Engine 5

«InZoi» will be launched in 2024

What I chose to explore: The Sims 4 already competes in the franchise, as well as in Cities: Skylines. At the same time, the company behind the popular PUBG draws a lot of attention with the movement of InZoi, a new simulation game with a distinctive visual style that here helps fans in the genre.

The next project is the last project of G-Star 2023 in Busan, South Korea. Called InZoi, the current simulator offers Sims-like gameplay but uses Unreal Engine 5 to feature beautiful, more realistic graphics.

InZoi allows players to manage the lives of avatars called InZois, similar to the pony characters in The Sims. You may have new relationships with other avatars, want an employee, and live in other activities. The band announces the official actions show that works in a dépanneur, fire fighting, karaoke, etc.

Players can also check the environment by personally checking buildings, changing the cityscape, and changing the weather. Additionally, the persona creator contains a wide selection of body and clothing options. Although InZoi is still in development, Krafton has leveraged G-Star’s playable demos and allows for influence from gaming video editors (ci-dessus).

It was noticed in large part thanks to its incredibly realistic graphics, with highly detailed characters and heavy use of real-time reflections. The name of the UE5 drivers on the fly is still easy, but InZoi could be one of the most coveted crystals in the engine. Since the images help differentiate the Krafton des Sims project, the demands on the astronomical system are likely to be greater in comparison.

In an internal interview (ci-dessus), Krafton stated what InZoi was developing in an environment. The company welcomes comparisons to Les Sims, but hopes the new project will stand out from EA’s best-selling franchise.

In Zoi you will have to decide the year of the prochain, but Krafton will never be revealed on those platforms if it will be free like Sims 4.

The Sims 4 has been released in recent years, but EA has long talked about its flagship entry in the series. Earlier this year, the company confirmed that a Prochain Sims project will be free-to-play but will never be called Sims 5. EA said Prochain now offers an alternative option for playing The Sims, coexisting with Sims 4 out of the box. of the replacements. InZoi can play as players in pursuit of a more technological chain in the life simulation genre.

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