The radical physical change of actress Maude Apatow for season 3 of Euphoria

Maude Apatow surprised the world with her talent in Euphoria. After the end of the second installment, the actress decided to radically change her image, impacting the fans who follow her on her social networks.

Euphoria is a series of the string HBO that shows the excesses that can mark adolescence today. The drama, which is characterized by showing deep and heartbreaking scenes, with characters like Rue (zendaya) who try to survive their problems, traumas and addictions, has been a resounding success for the transmission chain that decided to renew it for a new season.

In Euphoria the fans met the character of Maude Apatow, Lexi Howard, Rue’s childhood best friend who is also the most sensible among all the teenagers who surround the troubled young woman. However, Lexi often agrees to do reprehensible things for her friend, such as taking a drug test for her, which saves her from prompt addiction treatment.

Although they stopped being close friends due to Rue’s different problems, in season 1 of Euphoria they begin to get so close that they decide to practice Maude Apatow’s character Lexie’s first kiss so that she can attend that year’s promo with the dream boy The kiss makes Rue uncomfortable, however, she does not confess it to Lexie for fear of another estrangement from her.

The actress who plays Lexie in Euphoria, Maude Apatow, has a long list of film and television credits. But it wasn’t until she came to the HBO series that she was noticed for her own talent. Prior to her success as Lexie, the actress had been working alongside her parents, the famous judd apatow Y leslie mannand had always been considered the daughter of and not an interpreter in her own right.

Maude Apataw walked away from her role as Lexie in Euphoria with a new look

Before her participation in the HBO series Euphoria, Maude Apatow appeared in the films Make me laugh (2009) and if it was easy (2012), in addition to season 4 of the scandalous series Girls (2015), which produced his father. Sam Levinson from Euphoria cast her in her drama after seeing her act in Assassination Nation (2018).

Recently, Maude Apatow published a series of images on her Instagram social network account at different events after the end of Euphoria season 2, in which she looks completely changed. Behind her was her long red hair, to give way to a brown tone with a shorter look that was praised by fans of the HBO drama.

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