The ranking of supermarket chains crowns Esselunga

Esselunga stands out in the ranking of the main large-scale retail chains in Italy and conquers the podium in the general classification and in the categories “format development”, “retailer brand” and “customer services”. Lidl and Conad were also on the podium while Coop established itself for sustainability while as regards development, the game saw Conad and Selex in the lead. This is what the first edition of the “Pagellone della Gdo” elaborated by the portal reveals on the main Italian distribution brands in 2021. Not only economic elements such as sales, profitability per square meter and the number of openings in 2021 but also market shares, the impact of private labels, sustainability, customer services both online and offline.

The podium rewards protagonists such as Esselunga, Lidl and Conad. The first classified collects the highest rating of the “pagellone”. According to, in fact, it is the company to which all large-scale retailers are inspired to make comparisons, even when it is harshly criticized for its strategies, such as the latest communication campaign on convenience and price reduction. Being the first to move has paid off.

Lidl collects excellent marks on all fronts, in particular for the development of the formats, which, according to, now makes the sign a supermarket – discount with its own precise physiognomy. In third place for its approach to sustainability, Lidl stands out with one of the best balance sheets for depth of information and for achievements that discover a particularly aggressive engine of sustainable innovations, starting with the creation of points of sale, ending with individual references .Conad is the market leader with a 15% share in 2021; the development of the format is constantly evolving and this year the launch of the online site is expected, which will deal with both food shopping and various services, from wellness to holidays. On the format development front, the performance of the discounters MD and Lidl also stand out, while in the private label the great work of the VéGé Group is rewarded.There are also groups that, in the various rankings, do not shine: above all Carrefour and the Veronese Eurospin, which, together with (with the Sigma and Sisa brands), occupy the last three positions of the general classification. The French chain is suffering from the difficulties of the hypermarket format. The Veronese discount store, on the other hand, despite respectable economic results, is not particularly attentive to a strategic issue such as sustainability and does not adequately enhance the retailer’s brand. The absence of a group sustainability report weighed on, although appreciable initiatives have been identified in random order, such as the Last minute app under the house for the sale of expiring products, whose continuity is difficult to assess and therefore the impact.

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