The reaction of a dog who becomes excited when his owner sings to him

Every day social networks show us hundreds of videos related to animals that quickly go viral. The video we are showing today in Maskotisimas is about Dog’s reaction after hearing his owner’s songItalian influencer @roccuzzomusic who has more than 300,000 followers on the Instagram social network.

Specifically, the song she sings is Beyoncé’s Hello and the dog she sings to is her beautiful French Bulldog. The image is very gentle and shows how Her pet clings to her and looks straight into her eyes while she sings, The video goes so far that the boy himself gets excited and hugs his dog.

the video is Over a million views in less than 24 hours Thanks to the Instagram profile @Cabronazi, one of the most popular accounts in our country. As far as comments go, there are people who believe that this video is “the cutest thing you will see today” while others criticize that it is a “scam and dogs don’t get excited.”

These are some of the most popular comments: “Dogs don’t cry out of emotion, I think he had conjunctivitis and probably wanted to go out to pee or eat…sorry to tell you the truth,” the man sings. No, even dogs don’t cry… Stop fooling innocent people”, “Something happens to the dog that has nothing to do with the song. Or that it associates with the song and develops fear. Does. Among the emotions a dog can feel are love, fear, shyness or loss. But you can’t be influenced by one song. Life is not a Disney movie.”

On the other hand, there are people who think “ohhhh so cute, then they would say that small animals don’t have feelings❤❤❤❤…but humans are the wild ones!!”.

Whatever the case, the reality is that this singer has a great relationship with his dog and this is reflected in other Instagram videos, where you can clearly see what he makes his bulldog feel and do while singing. How does he react?

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