The real estate platform Habi becomes the second Colombian Unicorn

With the idea of ​​facilitating the purchase and sale of used housing, Habi was created three years ago, a technology-based company (startup)which in a short time managed to reach the big leagues and reach a valuation of 1,000 million dollars. Companies that reach that level are known as unicorns and now, Habi becomes the second Colombian to achieve that kind of ‘stamp’ that indicates its strength.

The first to reach that star was Rappi, a company that is now a multinational, after being founded by Simón Borrero, Sebastián Mejía and Felipe Villamarín, in 2015. The platform is dedicated to intermediation between various types of users.

Meanwhile, the new Unicorn: Habiobtained that valuation by raising 200 million dollars of capital in its Series C investment round. It would be the largest collection, from investors, in Latin America so far in 2022. In the round of those interested in putting their money in Habi international funds participated, among which are Homebrew, SoftBank, Tiger Global, and Inspired Capital.

Habi, which was founded by Brynne McNulty Rojas and Sebastián Noguera, already has a presence in more than 15 cities in Colombia and Mexico. Its success has been based on the fact that through technology it managed to shorten the time it takes to sell a home, from 10 months, to just 10 days.

Startup Habi
Brynne M. Rojas, co-founder and CEO of Habi, and Sebastián Noguera President & Co-founder – Photo: Courtesy Habi

They will enhance more

Through a press release, Sebastián Noguera, president and co-founder, stated that “we are focused on giving our clients fast, simple and safe solutions when buying or selling their home. ANDhe process of selling a home is full of uncertainty, paperwork, paperwork and travel, but at Habi we take care of everything to make this important decision a reliable and pleasant experience. With this investment, we will continue to bring our value proposition to more cities in the region.”

In the time it has been in operation, Habi has accompanied more than 18,000 families in the process of buying or selling their home, for which other participants in the sector have allied themselves, such as real estate agents (it already has 900 in its network) and banks. It’s more, Today this company is broker most important financial institution in the country.

With the 200 million dollars of its most recent investment, in addition to continuing to strengthen its ability to buy and sell used housing directly in the region, Habi aspires to continue expanding its range of products and services, such as Habicredit, a product to facilitate access to housing financing, as well as to continue expanding its operations to the main cities of Latin America.

In record time

For Habi everything has happened very quickly. His birth occurred in 2019. Since then, they have scaled the rungs by leaps and bounds. It has a presence in 15 cities in Colombia and Mexico, because what it offers is the agility that those who are looking for a property are looking for: “Habi manages to make an offer by visiting the property only once, reducing the time of sale around 30 times ”, they argue.

In 2021, Habi was admitted to the Endeavor network of entrepreneurs, global community that accompanies entrepreneurs in their search for capital. Now they achieve the millionaire investment that will allow them to expand even more.

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