“The reality is what we live day by day and we already laugh”: Alessandra Rosaldo responds to “Mhoni Vidente” who predicts her separation from Eugenio Derbez | People | Entertainment

the astrologer Cuban “Mhoni Vidente” sparked a controversy by making an alleged prediction about the Mexican couple made up of Eugenio Derbez Y Alessandra Rosaldoin which he stated that his marriage would finish

The fortune teller constantly offers her predictions astrological for the newspaper El Heraldo de México, but his most recent ruling on the actors Mexicans was immediately refuted by Alessandra Rosaldo herself, who did not remain silent before the fortune teller’s words.

Mhoni Seer’s prophecy about the marriage of Eugenio Derbez

Referring to the couple of actors, Mhoni “predicted” a separation that, according to her, would have to do with the distance between the two due to work projects, since Derbez is dedicated to his career and is having “more success than Rosaldo.” , as reported by La Opinion.

This is how the children of renowned comedian Eugenio Derbez look, the result of his four love relationships

The truth is that Eugenio Derbez’s career has come a long way in recent years, achieving the long-awaited dream of Hollywood Thanks to his talent as an actor and producer, and at 61 years old, he seems to itch and spread.

In addition to this information, Mhoni assured that a woman blonde who had a working relationship with Eugenio Derbez “would be involved” in the supposed future divorce of the couple

This was what Alessandra Rosaldo replied to Mhoni Vidente

Before the prediction of the fortune teller, the wife of Eugenio Derbez and mother of his youngest daughter declared in the program “Al Rojo Vivo” that “that does not exist”, referring to the words of the prophet.

Boyfriend of Eugenio Derbez’s daughter unleashes separation rumors with controversial photo: Followers criticize him for calling her “friend”

Oh, Mhoni Vidente has said so many things so many times, but we just mentioned it a while ago. All that they say out there, does not exist. The reality is what we live day by day and well, we already laugh. And many of the things I don’t even find out because we don’t spend all day to see what they said, never.

Alessandra Rosaldo

In this way, the singer Y actress defended her 10-year marriage to the star of “No Returns Accepted,” who is the father of her daughter, Aitana Derbezand with whom he shares a total of 16 years of love affair, since they became a couple. (AND)

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