The Reality of Using Dry Shampoo Every Day

When one does not have time to wash one’s hair and the hair is not in perfect condition, it is common to resort to dry shampoo. In just a few seconds you can Move from oily hair to clean hair, And all this without even going through a shower.

Every person needs to wash their hair at different times depending on the amount of sebum produced by the hair. Oil glands are located near the hair root, It’s not a matter of washing your hair every day or deciding not to wash your hair for a month.

There are also tricks that have gone viral on social networks Avoid using dry shampoo In specific cases. However the best solution is still to find a place to wash your hair with water, shampoo and conditioner.

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How does dry shampoo work?

“Dry shampoo works Absorbing excess oil and grease from the scalp and hairAs noted, “Gives the hair a neat and clean look,” says Anand Geria, a board-certified dermatologist in New Jersey. stay strong,

The secret of how it works lies in its ingredients, usually a starch powder, which combines with the hair’s oils to neutralize them. The problem with dry shampoo is that it doesn’t really clean.It simply hides the dirt for a while, in some cases with the help of fragrances that provide a pleasant smell.

Dry shampoo is very easy to apply. You must first shake the bottle with the contents Part your hair to apply it to the roots, Move it several centimeters away to spray the product properly.

After spraying on the scalp, Leave it like this for half a minute and massage with the yolk Use your fingers to distribute the dry shampoo evenly. Finally, all that remains is to gently comb out any possible debris.

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Risks of Using Dry Shampoo Every Day

Use dry shampoo every day It affects the hair. And it can also affect the dermis. If you use this product frequently you may feel slight itching in the scalp, The most likely cause is overuse of dry shampoo, which “can sometimes cause an allergic reaction,” explains Claire Chang, a board-certified dermatologist in New York.

this is also a excessive use of dry shampoo The product may cause dirt build up. Due to which hair follicles can get blocked. This blockage can cause you to develop folliculitis. (Pus-filled blisters, accompanied by itching and painful skin).

“There is some debate among experts about whether Dry shampoo can cause hair loss“Some doctors believe that excessive use can potentially block hair follicles, trapping bacteria and causing hair loss and breakage.”

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