the reason for the strong discussion with this renowned actor

Telecinco broadcasts this Monday one of the most emblematic films of the last decades of Hollywood. Mediaset’s main channel is committed to broadcasting beautiful womanthe film with which Julia Roberts rose to fame, in prime time to kick off the week.

There is no doubt that Julia Roberts is one of the most recognized actresses in the world. Her great roles throughout her long and successful career in the acting world endorse her talent, however, she has also starred in some that another clash with colleagues, the most famous with Dwight Schultz

The famous Murdock of Brigade gave a lot to talk about a decade ago, for a controversial fight he starred in with actress Julia Roberts because both had different positions on political issues. A discussion that soon jumped into the media.

Dwight was a well-known Republican militant and, on one occasion, Julia Roberts had called them “reptiles” and “disgusting.” In this way, when the actor heard her, he did not remain silent, something that he himself recognized years later.

“She comes out and talks about me, why am I not going to talk about her? She is a dull and unintellectual mouth, that is the only reason she is a millionaire and she doesn’t know it. He opens his mouth and thinks that something comes out that is illuminating. So, I am furious,” she noted.

However, their confrontation did not go further and Schultz is currently dedicated to politics, as a former of opinions and, in turn, also continues with his teenage work, lending his voice to cartoon series.

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