The reason Shawn Mendes is stopping his tour

The 23-year-old singer posted a message on social media for his fans.

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On a world tour since June 27, Shawn Mendes has decided to take a break. His fifth world tour, “Wonder: The World Tour”, includes some seventy concerts spread over thirteen months.

He is normally expected to travel the roads of North America until the fall before crossing the Atlantic and heading to Europe next year. But the young singer published a post on Instagram on Friday July 8, in which he reveals that he is mentally exhausted.

“I’ve been on tour since I was 15,” he explains. “It’s always been difficult to be on tour away from my friends and family. After several years without touring, I thought I was ready to go back, but that decision was premature and unfortunately the pressure caught up with me and I reached a breaking point. »

“Take care of my mental health”

A difficult decision to make but necessary for him. “It breaks my heart to announce this, but I will have to postpone the concerts scheduled for the next three weeks until further notice. After talking about it with my team and my doctors, I need to take time to heal myself, take care of myself and my mental health. »

However, he said he did not know for how long his tour was postponed. “As soon as I know more, I promise to let you know. I love you,” he concluded. A message heard and understood by his fans, who wish him in comment a good recovery.

The singer, author of multiple hits such as “Treat You Better” whose clip has 2.2 billion views on YouTube, is not his first time speaking out about his mental health. In March, he already mentioned to “Billboard” coming out of a very difficult period but having managed to climb the slope thanks to meditation and Hinduism.

A month later, Shawn Mendes had exposed his doubts in a message posted on social networks. “The truth is that despite this success I still feel like I’m missing out,” he wrote.

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