The reason why Liam Hemsworth returned to Malibu after the song by Miley Cyrus


The Australian actor surprised with images in California, the place where he built the house with Miley Cyrus. Why is he there in the midst of Flowers’ success?

Liam Hemsworth returns to Malibu after the success of Flowers.
© GettyLiam Hemsworth returns to Malibu after the success of Flowers.

Although the love story between Miley Cyrus Y Liam Hemsworth It ended a long time ago, the truth is that fans cannot stop getting hints between the two figures. After the artist launched Flowersa song that refers to the reason why they cut their bond, the actor now visited Malibu. What led you to return to the city where the couple made their home?

The former Disney star’s theme song served as the first single from his forthcoming album titled Endless Summer Vacation. Starting with a catchy chorus, Miley responded to When I Was Your Man, the Bruno Mars hit that her ex-husband dedicated to her on more than one occasion. Thus, she was encouraged to sing a hymn for her self-love and put an end to this relationship with twists and turns that lasted for more than a decade.

One of the stanzas of Flowers remarks: “We built a house and watched it burn down”. And although it can be treated as a metaphor, in truth, it is quite literal: in 2018, the california fires They completely destroyed the home of Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth. At that time, the actor remarked on social networks: “It’s been a harrowing few days. This is what’s left of my house. Many people in Malibu have also lost their homes and my heart goes out to all those affected.”.

Undoubtedly, it is a more than special city for the couple. Even a year earlier, Miley Cyrus wrote Liam Hemsworth a song called Malibu, in which he explains how they were able to find peace after so many years of ups and downs. After all this time, the interpreter has decided to return to California and surprised fans with the images.

+ The return of Liam Hemsworth to Malibu after the theme song by Miley Cyrus

In the last few hours, images of Liam Hemsworth in Malibu. Why is it there? The Australian actor is working on lonely planetthe film that will star in Netflix beside Laura Dern. The film, written and directed by susannah grant, it will work as a love story set in Morocco. At the moment, it is unknown when it could reach the streaming platform.

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