The reason why the actors of ‘Oppenheimer’ agreed to take less than half their salary

the return of with christopher nolan oppenheimer, After three years of trying to save the cinema by opening it Principle It is getting good results both critically and at the box office in the theaters amid the pandemic. The London director’s film has already grossed over $400 million worldwide and the figure is only going to grow further.

Although the absolute protagonist during the three hours of footage is Cillian Murphy, who plays the scientist who created the atomic bomb, oppenheimer It features a very generic cast of secondary characters, but is peppered with familiar faces from across the planet, as is the case with Emily Blunt, Matt Damon, Robert Downey Jr. or Florence Pugh, among many others.

Robert Downey Jr. in ‘Oppenheimer’.

Contrary to what one might initially think, not much money was allocated for the production of the tape to pay for it. Salary of these actors Whose immense popularity has earned them a lot of cash. Actually, these are stellar accessories charged for oppenheimer too little As much as he would have earned in another production. But why?

How Much Did The Actors Make For ‘Oppenheimer’?

supporting actor of oppenheimerAccording to Diversitytotal received four million dollars Everyone. This figure is well below the salary range that Emily Blunt, Matt Damon, and Robert Downey Jr. typically earn in other films, which typically 10 and 20 million dollars.

The reason for this huge drop in salary is a name and surname: Christopher Nolan himself. but it was not by explicit order from the Londoner, but these actors were such excited to be able to roll with the director of dunkirk No money was a significant issue in the negotiation of their contracts. in case of actress a peaceful place and the man in charge of giving life to iron man working for the first time with the director, while Damon was already almost under his orders in a decade interstellar,

Florence Pugh and Cillian Murphy in ‘Oppenheimer’

‘Oppenheimer’ is one of Nolan’s cheapest films

Christopher Nolan’s quality is almost unique in today’s film industry: he’s able get a blank check Every time you want to run a project. most common is that Londoners’ films are far more 100 crore budget (not counting marketing), although this time it has been at exactly the same figure.

while he has productions with a big budget, Oppenheimer director as well as one of the ‘cheapest’ dunkirkwhich cost the same. one step up Are interstellar (165 million), Original (160 million) and Batman Begins (150 million). on top of those numbers, dark Knight while the cost is 185 million Principle exceeded 200.

Undoubtedly, till now none of his films have equaled such a huge amount. It cost 285 million batman the legend is reborn, Last film of the trilogy. Nolan tape has had the lowest price insomnia (46 million), last move (40 million) and Memento (9 million). nextHis first tape only cost $6,000 because he was an amateur.

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