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The courtship between Kendall Jenner and Bad Bunny It has been one of the great surprises that this 2023 has given usbecause it was impossible to imagine the socialite next to the reggaeton player.

Something that has stood out is that some fans have expressed disagreement, and others have pointed out that it is possibly related in order to publicize themselves.

Has Bad Bunny stopped being attractive?

In addition to her popularity as a singer, Benito was pointed out as one of the most attractive men, although now part of the public assures that he has lost his impactbecause it generated the opposite when dating Kendall.

Through Twitter some comments have been made known, generating a debate, because Let’s remember that in recent years the Puerto Rican had become one of the most important Latinos in the music industry.

Although Jenner is known in the United States, for some it becomes a “false” person, because it shows a lifestyle that many point out as impossible.

This has been their romance

The socialite and the singer began dating for some time, but they had been careful not to be seen, according to various rumors that arose.

According to various testimonies, they were seen going out to dinner and partying on different days.

Confirmation was given when they were caught very close together, and apparently giving each other a kiss on the lips.

They were having fun at a private party organized by the singer Beyoncéand for all your closest friends.

In addition, they attended the celebration after the “Oscar Awards”, being the sensation of the event.

One of the last moments that he has given something to talk about was when they rode on horseback, in a plan that many pointed out as romantic.

The photos were released by “TMZ” and have turned around on social media.

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