The reasons why Nicole Kidman was bullied at school and marked for life

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Nicole Kidman suffered bullying in his childhood, Although few can believe it. The Hollywood actress did not live a simple childhood. Now her name is known all over the planet, she has won two Oscars and participated in dozens of blockbuster movies; nevertheless, When the Australian was a child, she suffered the ridicule and criticism of her peers.

Now we see her beautiful, an icon of beauty and style at 55 years old. Strong, empowered and being an example to follow for millions of women in the world. But she did not always have that security.

He was born in Hawaii by accident because his parents were visiting for studies. When Nicole turned four they returned to Sydney so that she could grow up in her parents’ country. She shortly after she became the most famous Australian although she was not born there.

She studied acting and ballet. She stood out for her great talent and her unparalleled beauty. Being older, he revealed that his childhood was complete hell at school. Nowhere did she feel comfortable and although the teachers praised her artistic talent, she could not develop as she wanted because her classmates bothered her.

Why was Nicole Kidman teased as a child?

Now she is one of the most recognized and beautiful actresses in the industry, but she says that as a child she was treated as the “ugly duckling” and her classmates painfully bullied her. But any of us could think, what can criticize Nicole Kidman if she has everything?

His height was always one of his biggest insecurities. She is currently 1.80m so she was always the tallest girl in her class. She was also always very thin and as the years passed it caused him more conflict. Your freckled skin was for many years a source of ridicule and her fluffy curls They were pointed out by many. Children her age took advantage of her and teased her by attacking her with it. They told her that she was ugly and that she was never going to have a boyfriend because she was so tall.

Later, Nicole was able to take advantage of these characteristics and began her career as a model. She gradually moved away from everyone, there came a time when she had no friends, and she also assures that she was always very shy. But that did not matter to her as she focused on developing her talents and growing in the film industry.

She entered the Australian Theater for Youth and mentions that it practically saved her life because those years were not the best for her. She is now a great actress established in Hollywood and highly sought after by directors from all countries. It is a clear example of trust, work and a lot of security.

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