The rector of the UMH calls the implementation of another degree in Medicine “wasteful”

“It hurts me that the pandemic and the efforts of professionals are used to say that more doctors need to be trained. Has anyone asked the doctors, the organizations, the unions, the State Council of Medicine, the National Conference of Deans ?, not a single organization has ever said that we need to train more doctors.” That is how forceful the rector of the UMH, Juanjo Ruiz, has declared this Thursday at the opening of the academic year, to once again fail that another degree in Medicine is going to be implemented a few kilometers from the Sant Joan faculty.

With a message addressed to all attendees, and especially to the president of the Generalitat, Ximo Puig, who later did not make a single allusion to the rector’s criticism, the university representative stressed that what is needed are more MIR places to maintain public health, “because in the last 5 years on average only 50% of the doctors who apply have obtained a place”. As far as he understands there is a bottleneck that should change all those who have been trained with more opportunities in the public system.

“It still seems implausible to me to pass an expensive new degree against the expressed opinion of the deans and the national conference and other medical organizations.” He cited the study of the medical union of Granada in which it was concluded that “there is a lack of doctors in specialties and there are too many graduates who have not been able to access the MIR.”

Once again, he has reiterated that this new degree at the University of Alicante (faculty to which he has addressed himself without expressly mentioning it) “can compromise the quality of teaching in Medicine because there are not enough teaching staff, there are not enough means for practical-clinical training”. Along the same lines, he warned that “implantation supposes an enormous expense that, because it is unnecessary, is described as wasteful when we demand planned financing”.

In this regard, Ruiz has demanded that both the regional and national governments guarantee the working conditions of the doctors who treat us in Primary Care, “which is one of the least demanded specialties, and it is everyone’s obligation to repair this situation to empower the family doctor “.

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