The relationship between Anne Hathaway, her husband and William Shakespeare

Can you imagine being married to the reincarnation of a famous character? Well, many fans have the theory that the husband of Anne Hathaway would be a reincarnation of the writer William ShakespeareThey also mention that the actress has a great resemblance and the same name of the eternal love of the historical writer. Although this is a simple theory that emerged from the internet, the evidence that has been found on the internet gives strength to this “rumor”.


It all started when the question appeared on the internet: Adam Shulmanhusband Anne Hathaway, is not similar to William Shakespeare? That was when the comparisons with different images began, where people noticed the undeniable resemblance between the playwright and Anne Hathaway’s husband, such as the shape of his face, medium round eyes and a pointed nose.

The believing fans of this theory affirm that this similarity is the fulfillment of a promise made by William Shakespeare to his wife. “Life is too short to love you in one life, I promise to look for you in the other”, a phrase that he attributes to her. But fans have not only found resemblance between Adam Shulman and Shakespeare His wives also look alike, mostly because of their white skin, brown eyes and hair.


Anne Hathaway got married with Adam Shulman in a private wedding in September 2012, the celebration was held in California, United States. The actress wore a wedding dress designed by valentino garavaniaccompanied by a crystal ribbon that crowned her head, inspired by the 20s.

While the other Anne Hathaway married William Shakespeare being pregnant with her first child, she was 26 years old and the writer was 18. The couple had three children: Susanna, Judith and Hamnet. The remains of both are buried in the Holy Trinity Church in Stratford-upon-AvonIn England.

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