The relationship of Dakota Johnson and Antonino Banderas

United States.- The American actress, dakota johnsonhas made a name for herself in Hollywood, this after starring in the 50 Shades of Gray trilogy and also for multiple projects that she has been a part of and have catapulted her as one of the industry’s favorites.

What few know is that the 32-year-old artist has a link with one of the biggest stars in Hollywood, it is nothing more and nothing less than Antonio Banderaswith whom he has a very special connection, an endearing relationship.

Beyond an employment relationship, the truth is that Dakota and Antonio created a unique bondSo, to the surprise of many, he became her stepfather after his mother, Melanie Griffith, married him, following her divorce from Don Johnson, the actress’s biological father.

It was in the year of 1996 when Antonio and Melanie got married, a time when Dakota Johnson was just seven years old. So from a very young age, she was also a model, she had the incomparable Spaniard as a father figure, and for twenty long years.

Despite the couple’s divorce in 2015, Dakota and Antonio Banderas maintained their relationship, as it has been a special one, since he was a very important part of her life, so much so that, during a Banderas interview with People in 2018 , confessed that his stepchildren gave him a very interesting nickname.

“They called me Paponio, a mix between Papa and Antonio,” he said. The passing of the years only consolidated the affection and respect of these two greats of the industry, their intact relationship was evidenced after he was awarded by the Hollywood Film Awards, at which time she presented him with the award.

With great enthusiasm, pride and admiration Dakota shared at the time of introducing him: “I got an extra dad who I realized over time is actually one of the most influential people in my entire life. When I was six years old, My mother married a man who brought an incredibly bright light, a whole new world of creativity and culture, and a remarkably magical little sister into our family.”

Currently, Dakota Johnson and Antonio Banderas maintain an impeccable relationshipworthy of admiration, because they appreciated the impact of the other in each of their lives, which is why they keep that bond intact and growing stronger.

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