The relaxed outfit with which Angelina Jolie hit during her visit to Cambodia

Angelina Jolie has a special bond with Cambodia, Maddox the eldest of her children was born in that country and was adopted by the Hollywood star. So her most recent visit to the Asian continent is not surprising.

Jolie is the mother of six children, of which three are biological and the result of her marriage to Brad Pitt.

As a human rights activist, fighter for women’s rights and UN special commissioner for refugees, Angelina does social work in the area for the environment.

The actress has Cambodian nationality and a house in the country, in addition, she manages a foundation that bears the name of Maddox, recalls Hola magazine.

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Angelina Jolie united with Cambodia

According to the local newspaper Kampuchea Thmey Daily, Angelina Jolie was visiting with the whole family in the emblematic city of Angkor in Cambodia, according to Brigadier General Tim Sophea, director of the Siem Reap international border gate.

In the photos spread on social networks, you can see the protagonist of “Lara Croft” when she is received by the local authorities of this country.

The actress wore an “outfit” completely made of raw linen, ideal for the high temperatures and humidity of Cambodia during this time of year, as well as white pants with a beige top that she accompanied with a light cardigan and low-top sneakers.

In other images, Jolie was captured while walking in front of the Hindu temple Angkor Wat, considered one of the most important archaeological treasures in the world.

Far from being harassed by the paparazzi, the 44-year-old artist looked natural and had time to pose with fans who came to take a picture with her.

Although Jolie did not specify the reason for her visit to Cambodia, some fan accounts presume that she was there to support the “Women for Bees” beekeeping entrepreneurship program, which the filmmaker promotes together with UNESCO.

Photos of her daughter Shiloh, who would have accompanied her to Cambodia, were also leaked on the networks. The teenager she posed with some residents and was also seen with her mother and other friends of hers.

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