The Resident Season 6: Showrunner Explains Conrad’s New Love Triangle

The season 6 premiere of The Resident series has kicked off and the medical drama’s showrunner has explained what’s going on with Conrad’s new love triangle.

The sixth season of the medical series The Resident has arrived, and the first episode aired on Fox revealed Conrad’s decision (played by matt czuchry) about his love life. The intern was deciding between Cade (kaley ronayne) and Billie (Jessica Lucas), and although he seemed to choose Billie because they were still close, the end of the episode confirmed that Conrad chose Cade. However, showrunner and co-writer Amy Holden-Jones has now revealed how the love triangle will get even more complicated.

The Resident Season 6: Why Conrad didn’t choose Billie as his partner

After Nick’s death (Emily VanCamp) at the beginning of the fifth season of The Resident, one of the biggest questions in the drama was whether Conrad would find love again, especially now that the drama is nearing its end. On the other hand, co-writer Andrew Chapman had planned for Conrad to follow her heart in season six, Amy Holden-Jones told TVLine why Conrad chose Cade over Billie makes a lot of sense:

“AJ’s theory about why Conrad chose Cade may be correct. She [Billie] she was Nick’s best friend, which is quite complicated, and it’s true that Conrad didn’t know that that wasn’t an obstacle for her. Both women are a real possibility. And it could stay that way.”

However, for all the viewers it was not so surprising that Conrad had chosen Cade, since Billie and Nick had been very close, and Nick’s death had hit her just the same. Before Cade’s arrival, The Resident seemed to be preparing an unexpected romance between Conrad and Billie. But when Cade showed up, things took a different turn.

Interestingly, Billie still has feelings for Conrad, so it will be interesting to see how she tries to suppress it and become his girlfriend. Just because Cade turns out to be Conrad’s choice doesn’t mean there aren’t problems. In fact, the same showrunner Amy Holden-Jones He offered in his interview a preview of the second episode to know the result of Conrad’s decision:

“How this complex relationship chess game plays out remains to be seen. But first we need to see the consequences of Conrad’s choice. Episode 2 is crucial to understanding the chemistry between Conrad and Cade.”

The Resident Season 6: Why did Conrad decide to stay with Cade?

Recall that the actress who plays Cade, kaley ronaynenhas been named as a series regular for the sixth season, just like her on-screen father, Andrew McCarthy. Although it’s unclear what the implications are, they may have something to do with Cade’s father, Dr. Ian Sullivan, who now works as a physician for Chastain Hospital.

Of course, there are problems in any relationship and we don’t even know if Conrad and Cade’s relationship will last. It only remains to wait to see the development of the sixth season of The Resident that has begun to be broadcast on Fox on September 20.

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