The result of the autopsy on the body of the ski instructor who died after falling off the piste area in Las Leñas is known

Zoe Maria Argerich was 24 when she died of “brain trauma” following an accident in Las Leñas.

Zoe Maria Argerich He lost his life this Tuesday after a serious fall in an off-piste area called “Eduardo” at the ski center. Las Lenasin the province of MendozaAdvancement of Autopsy It was revealed what caused the girl’s death “traumatic brain injury”According to official sources infobae,

Forensic studies to determine the causes of the skier’s death were carried out this Wednesday at the judicial morgue San Rafael. The accident happened when Zoe was going down the mountain, causing her to “Severe multiple trauma”, as specified by sources.

Zoe Maria Argerich was originally from Mendoza (@memodiario)

The tragic incident happened this Tuesday afternoon in the “Eduardo” area, located in the middle of the hill and marked with a yellow arrow with red edges, which indicates “off-piste access” according to the center’s piste map. The different videos published on social networks show a narrow, rocky and steep area. This is an area known for its high complexity to skiers.

At around 3:40 p.m., personnel from the 24th Police Station in Las Leñas received a call from one of the people walking on the track, alerting them of what had happened to the woman. Subsequently, staff from the complex’s health center arrived at the scene to help her and confirmed her death “Extreme trauma due to mountain fall resulting in subsequent death”at 4:52 p.m., as told to this medium by police sources.

After the young woman’s death, the prosecutor Andrea Lorente He was in charge of this cause; and this Wednesday his body was transferred to San Rafael To perform an autopsy.

The victim was a ski instructor at the resort and had practiced the sport since she was very young. As announced MDazole, The young woman went to the Las Leñas Ski Club (SAIL) since she was young and loved the environment there. She even did a double season. In fact, Zoe shared photos on her social networks enjoying the discipline she was so passionate about.

The off-piste area called “Eduardo” where the accident happened (Credit: Official website:

joe had arrived Ski Instructor Level 3 in 2022. “The title of Level 3 Ski Instructor enables the holder to teach classes based on the technical and methodological principles originating from the Argentine ski and snowboard technique, including the entire methodological progression with all its objectives; both children and adults in individual or group classes, proceeding to guide them, adapting the terrain according to the psychological conditions of the student, guaranteeing optimal safety conditions at all times, “explains the website of the Argentine Association of Instructors of Ski and Snowboard and Lifeguard Trailers (AADIDESS).

The 24-year-old man was a Level 3 ski instructor (Courtesy: MDZOL)

And he adds: “The level 3 instructor can carry out his activity within a school or a recognized club as well as independently. It is recognized as an essential qualification for running a winter sports school. It is recognized internationally as the highest title by all the countries that make up the International Ski Instructors Association (ISIA), the only international organization that brings together winter sports instructors.

His sister Azul was also a trainer. As announced the AndesIn December 2016, the young woman was the victim of an accident when she was riding in a truck in Luján. According to information published by the aforementioned media, after the incident the victim remained hospitalized at the San Andrés Foundation in a coma.

Years later, her mother decided to launch a campaign to plant native trees. “Donating a tree is donating a life,” was her motto to front this noble initiative.

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