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America’s bride continues to set trends with her classic 90s looks.

Julia Roberts is one of those artists who set a trend with her looks in each of the films she starred in. However, you do not need to re-release a new film to position one of your classic styles in fashion. Despite More than 25 years have passed since his participation in the iconic sitcom ‘Friends’, the haircut he wore on that occasion, today is one of the most requested by generation Z in beauty salons.

Julia Roberts cut in Friends is a trend today.

In the ’90s, Julia Roberts He was at the forefront of iconic films such as “Pretty Woman”, “A Place Called Notting Hill”, “Stand by Me”, “Runaway Bride” and dozens of other films in which he stood out. In each film, the American actress showed off her beautiful and giant smile, along with her pointed nose and her brown eyes. What changed in each appearance was his haircut, because, despite having natural brown curls, Roberts was animatedfrom time to time to show off a different style in her hair, which quickly became a trend.

The octopus cut

One of the cuts with which Julia stood out the most in her golden age was the octopus haircut, a style known for adding volume to long, fine hair., which also provides movement to the hair. The key to this cut is to make different layers in order to highly pronounce the features.

Although the series of ‘friends came to an end 20 years ago, new generations have been attracted by the unforgettable sitcom and 90s culture. For this reason, every detail of the fashion of that time resonates again in the middle of 2022. This was also reflected in the brief appearance of Julia Roberts in the series, because it marked a trend that now everyone wants to wear.

In the series, Julia she put herself in the role of movie makeup artist and hairstylist Susie, also Chandler’s classmate. There, she wore a spectacular haircut with layers that made her beautiful features stand out, in addition to looking very fluffy and with movement. This nineties cut is causing a sensation in generation Z, who want to venture into vintage fashion.

Another important point of court It is the bangs, which only drop a few fine strands on the face of the actress, giving volume to the sides of her face.

Julia Roberts in Friends.

One of the keys I had Julia to enhance the fluffiness of his cut, it was the hairstyle. At first, she had to straighten her curly hair so that, later, her team of stylists combed the ends inwards to achieve a retro effect.

On the Tik Tok video platform, many users already show themselves by choosing this haircut to show off in the new season, honoring the iconic Julia Roberts.

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