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It was before her great friend Gwyneth Paltrow, in an interview format presented by the actress herself, when Cameron Diaz explained what it feels like to jump, of her own free will, from Olympus hollywoodian into the media vacuum, cornering a career plagued with success. “I feel peace, I have my soul in peace. Because I am finally taking care of myself… I feel grounded and light.” The one who was a great star of the romantic comedy from the mid-nineties and throughout the first decade of the 2000s, raised for several years as the highest paid actress in the hills of Los Angeles with checks of up to 20 million dollars per film, He had decided to “semi-retire” from the cinema when he had just turned 40 and without notice. Her case shocked an industry more accustomed to seeing its actresses slowly wither once they reach maturity, but Diaz, focused on enjoying her personal life – she is married to musician Benji Madden and gave birth to their first daughter, Raddix, at 47 – and in his off-screen dealings, he never closed the doors on a possible comeback. Now, eight years after her last film, America’s blondest bride is back.

The Californian was the second actress in history, after Julia Roberts, to collect a $20 million check for a movie. Photo: Getty

“I’m excited, but I don’t know how to do it, you know?” admits Cameron Diaz in the video in which she parks her retirement and confirms her return to the industry. Simulating a call with her co-star Jamie Foxx, the 49-year-old interpreter reveals that she will star in a new action comedy for Netflix, titled Back-in-Action. In the clip, Foxx – Oscar winner for Ray– He asks for help from Tom Brady, considered the best player in the history of American football and who this year announced his retirement to go back just a month later, when it comes to preparing Diaz for his return to the big screen. An announcement received with enthusiasm on social networks by colleagues such as Jennifer Aniston, Kim Cattrall, Jameela Jamil (“we have won, our queen returns”) or the director Nancy Meyers (“finally, some good news”), directed by Cameron Diaz in comedy The Holiday. However, and honoring her decision to get away as much as possible from the noise of the movies, the Californian actress did not even share the news before her almost ten million followers on her Instagram.

During this time away from the public scene, Cameron Diaz – like colleagues like Jessica Alba or Kate Hudson – has wanted to follow in the footsteps of the path followed by Gwyneth Paltrow and take advantage of her media loudspeaker to establish herself as a guru of healthy living. She has published two manuals on wellness and longevity –The Body Book (Love your body in Spain, published by Aguilar) and The Longevity Book– and has invested in emerging alternative medicine companies like Modern Acupuncture and Lyra Health, which help companies monitor and improve the mental health of their employees. In 2020, she also became the founder of the Avaline wine brand, which markets wines made from organic, ecological grapes grown without chemical pesticides. Reds, rosés, chardonnays… up to eight different varieties whose price per bottle starts at 23 euros. “Directing Avaline is the only job I have in my routine other than being a wife and a mother… and it’s been the most rewarding part of my life so far,” she explained in an interview last year.

Diaz married Benji Madden, a member of the band Good Charlotte, in 2015. Photo: Getty

One of the probable causes of its return to film sets is the incipient renaissance of the more traditional romantic comedy, which reached its box office peak in the mid-1990s. This same year, Sandra Bullock has starred in an unexpected success with her return to the genre in The lost CityAndy Garcia and Gloria Estefan have put a Latin spin on the latest revision of the father of the bride and Julia Roberts will return to theaters in September after a four-year absence. Accompanied by George Clooney, in journey to paradise They will give life to a divorced couple who team up to torpedo their daughter’s wedding in Bali. All this, while a Tom Cruise who is now celebrating his 60th anniversary enjoys the best debut of his career with Top Gun: MaverickLaura Dern and Sam Neill return to the saga Jurassic and Brad Pitt is preparing to replicate it in a few weeks with the action film Bullet Train. Breathlessly taken over by superhero layers and whipped like never before by the effects of the pandemic, theaters are finding in their old stars the best claim to seat viewers back in their respective seats.

The interpreter has limited her public appearances in the last decade to a handful of promotional interviews. Photo: Getty

Although maintaining a low profile that has kept her away from the spotlight and red carpets, in a hiatus only interrupted by her appearances on programs presented by colleagues such as Paltrow herself or Drew Barrymore, the actress has spoken unequivocally about the elements that have hampered his professional career. From criticizing the abuse of power exercised by Hollywood studios over their stars –“when you make a movie they own you, you are there 12 hours a day for months… they took parts of my life from me”– to denouncing the dictatorship of canons established beauty salons in the industry. “Every day I sat in front of the mirror for hours. It ended up being toxic (…) You start criticizing yourself and you think, Why am I sitting here being mean to myself? ”, She alleged in a podcast of the BBC, describing herself as a “victim of the objectification and social exploitation to which women are subjected”. Once the news of her reappearance is known, Diaz thus follows the example of other contemporaries who have recently put their retirement on hold, such as Renée Zellweger (who even won an Oscar for her portrayal of Judy Garland) or Lindsay Lohan, who will premiere at the end of this year. a Christmas-themed movie also on Netflix.

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