The revenge of short men, these new TikTok stars

Everything small is cute, it seems. Except that some diktats die hard, and that the male sex has never really seen this expression with a very good eye. In question ? Height-related stereotypes that a tall man is synonymous with security, charisma, and even virility. But times are changing, and it seems that the so-called ‘short’ men – including those whose height does not exceed 1.75m – are (finally) taking their revenge. On social networks, TikTok and Twitter in the lead, women no longer swear by the ‘short kings’, whether they are taller or shorter than them… it no longer matters.

The expression ‘short king’, which therefore designates a man of short stature, or let’s say rather of medium height, does not date from yesterday. It was used for the first time in 2018 by American comedian Jaboukie Young-White. At that time, the artist banged his fist on the table – or rather on Twitter: “I’m tired of the adjective ‘petit’ being used as an insult. ‘Petit’ gave you Donald Glover. ‘Petit’ gave you Tom Holland. ‘Little’ gave you Daniel Kaluuya. ‘Little’ gave you Bruno Mars. ‘Little Kings’ are the enemies of body negativity, and I will always be proud to defend them.” That is what is said! Nearly four years later, the day of glory seems to have arrived, some even evoking the year of these ‘little kings’.

celebrity influence

Tom Holland, Pharrell Williams, Joe Jonas, or even Tom Cruise, to name a few, are among the personalities who do not reach the (supposedly) 1.80m regulation height, and they are all doing very well. . They all share another common point: being (or having been) in a relationship with a taller woman. And it is precisely this point that today inspires men and women throughout the world, and more particularly the younger generations who have decidedly nothing to do with stereotypes. In fact, these celebrities are directly associated with the #shortking and #shortkingspring hashtags, which are constantly gaining momentum on social networks.

On TikTok, the first has already accumulated nearly 350 million views, while the second has 1.6 million, with a host of videos featuring short men. And if there is one couple that stands out, it is that of Zendaya and Tom Holland. The five centimeters that separate the star of the series “Euphoria” and the one who embodies Spider-Man in the cinema seem to have become one of the examples to follow on social networks.

As a result, women no longer hesitate to proclaim their love for these ‘short kings’, or to highlight the few centimeters that separate them from their loved one. “American women should show short men more love,” the video of a back-to-back couple reads, along with the caption, “When we stopped hiding our height difference and showed everyone that there is no harm in being a little king and a great queen…”. Almost all comments point in this direction. “I’ve always liked short men. I think they’re more attractive!” says another user. A real ode to those who do not exceed 1.75m (and a nice revenge).

Better partners?

And if ‘tall’ men do not hesitate to put their size forward on dating sites – showing in passing that they see it as a physical attraction – it would seem that this characteristic is ultimately not (always ) considered an advantage. In 2014, The Journal of Sexual Medicine published a scientific study, conducted among 531 heterosexual men, revealing that men measuring less than 1.75m were more sexually active, and less likely to divorce. In conclusion, they would be better partners. A finding that should help to extol the ‘short kings’, and sound the death knell for these bodily injunctions.

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