The risky photographs of Megan Fox with which she defies the restrictions of Instagram

The beautiful actress Megan Fox lives an intense love relationship with Machine Gun Kelly, to the limit of wanting to have intimate relationships anywhere and at any cost. In addition, the couple does not hide and make these situations public without filters.

Through an Instagram post, Megan foxprotagonist of Transformers shared photos of one of her looks on the night of the Billboard Awards that were held last weekend, along with a fragment of the talk she had with her wardrobe stylist, who could not believe that the actress had broken part of his work to achieve his goal.

Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly.

“Was this blue suit expensive? Because we made a hole in the crotch to be able to have sex,” he told her. Fox to her costume designer Maeve Reilly. The garment was a catsuit, very tight and impossible to take off in a fleeting way. “I hate you,” her collaborator replied, along with three laughing emojis. “I’m going to fix it,” she added.

The relationship between Megan fox and Machine Gun Kelly is at his best. So much so that in recent days the pregnancy rumors have intensified, since at a recital, the rapper, at the end of his performance, said: “This is for our unborn child.”

Megan Fox looked radiant. Source: Instagram.

Recently, Megan fox His second wardrobe for the music awards gala went viral, in which he brushed Instagram censorship. She wore a black dress with openings that emphasize her pronounced curves. In addition, the brunette actress showed images of her beloved on stage and with her enjoying her moments. The posting raised the temperature and exceeded half a million likes.

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