The Rock got some Tesla Cybertruck education during Joe Rogan’s appearance

WWE legend Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson got a surprise lesson in the Tesla Cybertruck when he was featured on a recent episode. joe rogan experience podcast. During his conversation with the podcast host, Johnson revealed that he doesn’t really know much about Tesla’s offerings, although he has expressed a lot of interest in the Cybertruck.

The Cybertruck came up when The Rock and Rogan were talking about vehicles. When asked what his favorite car is today, Rogan said he drives his Tesla Model S plaid a lot because it’s so fast. The Rock responded by saying that people who have Teslas are very happy with them, and he also asked if the EV maker makes SUVs or pickup trucks.

Rogan gave Johnson a whole list of facts about the Tesla Cybertruck, from its extremely unique design to its stainless steel body. The podcast host highlighted the Cybertruck’s durability, which he proved by shooting a literal arrow into the vehicle. Overall, The Rock was very interested in the Cybertruck, and it wouldn’t be too surprising if he bought one for himself in the future.

While one might be surprised at the idea that The Rock, one of the most visible celebrities today, had no knowledge of the Cybertruck, such a scenario might not be far-fetched at all. This is probably because Johnson has mostly been a fan of traditional vehicles like trucks and SUVs. He has a collection of sports cars, but they also include combustion-powered vehicles like the Pagani Huayra.

Needless to say, there are likely millions of other car fans like The Rock who know about Tesla but aren’t fully aware of the company’s entire vehicle lineup. With this in mind, one can say that the Cybertruck’s potential consumer base is quite broad, especially if it matches up with traditional truck fans like the retired WWE veteran.

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