‘The Rock’ reaction to Michael Chandler’s knockout of Tony Ferguson

The rock

“The Rock” didn’t miss last weekend’s UFC 274 and his reaction was captured on film when Michael Chandler knocked out Tony Ferguson.

At UFC 274, the fight between Michael Chandler and Tony Ferguson was highly anticipated. Early on, Ferguson was able to take Chandler down in the first round and manhandle him. El Cucuy had just won his first round in two years. Alas, it didn’t last long.

Indeed, barely a few seconds after the start of the second round, Michael Chandler sent a huge front kick which knocked out Tony Ferguson, he had just signed one of the most beautiful gestures of the year. Everyone was marked by this finish and even Dwayne Johnson, known as “The Rock”.

As we know, the latter is a fan of MMA and has worked with the UFC several times. In 2017, he even said he wanted to join the UFC 10 years ago. The Rock watched UFC 274 carefully, then came the Chandler vs. Ferguson fight and here’s what he said:

Let me tell you something, you can feel electricity and mana through the television. Besides, I can only imagine what it feels like in the arena. Shit**, let’s go guys! I’m going to toast them with teremana, cheers!… “And when comes the knockout:” Sea bastard** ! »

Watch the video :

Like any self-respecting fan, The Rock was blown away by Chandler’s knockout which you can see here from all angles. Plus, it happened mere seconds after he toasted both fighters.

And you, did you have the same reaction as The Rock on this knockout?

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