The Royal Academy of Medicine awards two students and two professors from the UCAM – Murcia – San Javier

In its Opening Ceremony for the 2023 Course, the Royal Academy of Medicine and Surgery of the Region awarded Marina Torrent, a student of the Degree in Medicine at the Catholic University of Murcia, and Clara Rodríguez, of the Degree in Nursing, for having the best records academics in the 2021-2022 course of the UCAM, the result of their efforts in the search for academic excellence.

In addition, two professors from the Catholic University received awards for their research work: Carolina Alemán, from the Faculty of Nursing and doctoral candidate (donated by the Illustrious Official College of Nursing of the Region of Murcia) and José Eduardo Maté, from the Degree in Dentistry ( offered by the Official College of Dentists of the Region).

These awards, which recognize the work of professionals and students in the area of ​​health, were delivered at the ceremony held at the Archaeological Museum of Murcia and chaired by Manuel Segovia, president of the Royal Academy. It was attended by Estrella Núñez, Vice Chancellor for Research at UCAM, and Paloma Echevarría, Dean of the Faculty of Nursing.

Estrella Núñez, who spoke at the event, highlighted the importance of these recognitions, which promote “basic research, which we have to try to link to applied research, so that it is translational, so that in the end, what is done in laboratories really reach the patients.”

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