The rules that Kim Kardashian’s employees must follow with their uniforms

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kim kardashian has a strict regulation for the uniforms of its employees. When she first spoke about her divorce with Kanye West She mentioned a subject that drew a lot of attention and was not exactly related to the legal battle against her ex-husband.

After a long dispute to be officially divorced, the socialite and businesswoman reached an agreement with the father of her children on the division of her property and custody. In an interview, she mentioned that co-parenting is complicated but they have tried to cope with it in the best way.

Skims and their color palette

In another part of the interview they talk about their underwear and other clothing company Skims, especially the aesthetics they have maintained and what their office is like, including the environment with their employees. She mentioned that she had decided to keep everything minimalist and monochrome.

Uniforms of your employees

She then revealed that the employees who work with her must adhere to a strict dress code written in a manualit was no coincidence that they looked almost the same. For starters it has uniforms in just one color palette. “Greys, Heather Grey, Black, Navy Blue, White, Cream and Khaki”listed the mother of North West.

He added that they can only use the neutral tones, not specifically with uniforms, but with their clothing but in only those colors. “I mean, we can stick to all the neutral tones. Not a lot of color blocking” and finally he said for the Angie Martínez IRL podcast that none of them had been forced, they all agree with his decision to keep the “zen” feeling of the place and always feel relaxed

Each one can adapt to the color that they like best and feel comfortable, In her home, she reveals, she also maintains a very similar neutral color palette, with the intention of relaxing after the busy life she leads.

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