The rules that Tesla employees must follow so that Elon Musk does not fire them

Every company has employees who must follow a series of rules to establish a certain order, but not all of them are as peculiar as Tesla’s. Find out what they are about below!

A few months ago at Tork we told you what the 3 keys to Tesla’s success are, today it’s the turn of the employees of the North American brand. It’s no surprise that Elon Musk never goes unnoticed, least of all when it comes to his company. Although they are very informal, there are a series of conditions that are required of their workers.

These regulations took on greater visibility this last week, since an email from the tycoon was leaked that threatened his employees with dismissal if they did not comply with them. Here are the six golden rules you must abide by at Tesla.

1- Few and short meetings

No meetings necessary for any reason

If there is something that bothers Musk and he has expressed it on several occasions, it is the bad habit of holding large and frequent meetings. They only have to be carried out when they are urgent and their duration is as short as possible. At the same time, he affirms that it must be useful for all those who are present and not just for some.

2- If you do not contribute to the meeting, leave it

There is always a place where you can contribute more

The American businessman does not think it is rude to leave a meeting if you are not contributing to it, but considers it worse that you waste your time there.

3- Use simple vocabulary

no difficult words

Everyone must understand each other, there is no need to use abbreviations to refer to things. This prevents your employees from having to memorize some terms and makes communication easier.

4- There are no ranges in communication

All in the same range

As mentioned above, Musk emphasizes dialogue. If you have a message for the manager, it does not have to go through a chain of messengers, do it directly. The shorter the path of the message, the clearer it will come.

5- Do not leak data to the press

One of the strictest rules of Elon Musk

Every employee has a responsibility to protect internal Tesla information. On more than one occasion, Musk stated that he takes severe measures with those who leak any inappropriate information to the media.

6- Do not follow silly rules

Common sense is essential

Common sense above the rules. If you think that following the rules hinders your actions, prioritize your decision. There are some impositions that may lack logic in particular situations, if so, they should be changed.

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