The Russian anti-Covid mission tried to get closer to Ghedi

It’s true: the military contingent sent by Putin between April and May 2020 in the midst of the first Covid wave, in Ghedi – in an official capacity – there has never been. The village of the Bassa was indeed on the initial itinerary, but not on the definitive one that marked the agenda of the sanitizations to be carried out in the RSA in tandem with our army. Nobody can deny that the Russians did not set foot around the Ghedi base during working hours: not the Alpine troops who in those days followed the activities step by step as volunteers, not the Civil Protection, not the Region, not the mayors.

However, there are two fixed points that, equally, no one can deny. The first: the order to keep the so-called 50 kilometers ‘safe distance’ from sensitive points – just like the military air force field – was not respected, perhaps because the squads were escorted by soldiers from our army. The second one: working hoursaccording to what was reported by the driver who accompanied the soldiers sent by the Kremlin, often did not include the whole day, but it ended immediately after lunch.