The sad story of the chicken that lived more than a year without a head

A family that worked normally in their farm encountered a shocking situation: one of the hens Those who were beheaded to sell it in the market continued to move as if absolutely nothing had happened to them.

This case took place on September 10, 1945 in a farmhouse in Colorado, USAwhen farmers Lloyd and Clara Olsen witnessed the movement of the animal that had been decapitated.

After the chicken was still alive, the couple locked the decapitated body in an apple box to keep it there, but the surprise continued for the Americans, when the next morning the animal continued to sway from side to side.

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The great-grandson of the owners of the farm, Troy Waters, was the one who heard the story of his great-grandfather and who brought all the chickens to the market to sell them, even the one that seemed like a walking miracle. He knew he could gamble liquor and strut his stuff with his amazing pet.

The rumor of the said animal, which was called Mike by its owners, began to spread throughout the region, until it reached the local newspaper and a reporter from that medium went to the couple’s home to interview them. The story was in the newspaper.

Show maker Hope Wade, from Salt Lake City, Utah, decided to contact the bird’s owners so that it could be taken to various fair shows, with the aim of earning money by presenting the amazing animal.

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Mike was fed liquid food and water that was digested down the esophagus with an eyedropper. Also, the farmers had to use a syringe to clear the mucus that was created in their throat.

the end of the show

Before starting Mike’s show, they headed to the University of Utah with the aim of further investigating the case of the animal.

Many chickens were decapitated to check if they had the same luck to live as the famous hen did; however, this situation never occurred again.

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The Olsens had the opportunity to visit various places in the country such as Arizona and California. Afterward, Wade returned the couple to the American Southwest and they continued their work in agriculture.

Finally, in 1947, Mike died after a year and a half alive, when they were in Phoenix. That night the bird began to choke on its own mucus. The owners looked for the syringe that they used to do the respective cleaning, but they did not find it in time, until Mike passed away.

“The Headless Chicken Trick”

After the fury that Mike had, a neighbor went to the Lloyd Olsen home to offer him several beers in exchange for deciphering how he managed to keep his chicken alive despite having decapitated it.

“I had the opportunity to travel and get to know parts of the country that I would not have known otherwise. I was able to upgrade and buy farm equipment,” Lloyd told Troy Waters, who was quoted by the outlet.BBC‘.

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Waters told the news network that Mr. Lloyd continued to work on his farm, earning what money he could from his land, since Mike’s shocking case had gone down in history and he couldn’t take advantage of this event.

How did Mike survive?

According to research by Dr. Wayne J. Kuenzel on the University of Arkansas website, a chicken’s skull contains two openings for the eyes that allow the brain to be pushed into the skull. In this way, part of the brain can be cut, but there would be a way for it to continue to function and survive.

“Because the brain is at that angle, it still has the functional part intact that is so critical for survival. The moment you separate the brain from the neck, just like in humans, you get tremendous limb movement.” Wayne explained.

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