The Samsung Galaxy S23 will double the internal memory in the base model of the series

Having in hand a good set of leaks from the Samsung Galaxy S23 series for a few weeks now, the possibility has now been leaked that the new Samsung mobiles have at least 256 GB of internal memory.

[Los próximos móviles de Samsung serán muy diferentes: contrata a un diseñador de Mercedes-Benz]

Doubling the internal memory

This news comes from Ahmed Qwaider, who is already recognized for his leaks, via Gizmochina. This leaker, apart from referring to the new base memory in the three models of the Galaxy S23 series, also claims that it only there will be a choice for the S23 and S23+.

we would stay with a Galaxy S23 with 8 GB of RAM and 256 GB of internal memory, a Galaxy S23+ with the same figure and the Galaxy S23 that would not exceed 12 GB of RAM, but does offer three options internally with 256 GB, 512 GB and 1 TB.

Samsung Galaxy S23 leaked

Samsung Galaxy S23 leaked


This movement by Samsung will encourage other brands to start offering 256 GB as the base for their flagships, and we will have to hope that it does not lead to a higher price in each of the three Galaxy S23.

Other novelties for this new series would be One UI 5.1 with Android 13 and the joint arrival with the new Samsung Galaxy Book. release date it would be february 1stalthough we must remain cautious in this regard as there is still no official confirmation.

All the Galaxy S23 are filtered at once, this will be the new design of Samsung mobiles

All the Galaxy S23 are filtered at once, this will be the new design of Samsung mobiles


Another detail of the launch of this series is that there will be no color in white as has happened in the predecessors, so they would stay in black, green, lavender and cream. Some Galaxy S23 that are just around the corner with less than a month to go before their arrival.

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