The San Jorge University wants to implement Medicine studies in Zaragoza

In the midst of the debate on the need to alleviate the lack of doctors in the Community, the San Jorge University (USJ) wants implement medical studies in the private campus of Villanueva de Gállego. In addition, it will also boost the 10% increase in places for biomedical degrees which he is currently teaching, as confirmed by sources familiar with these projects. An initiative that coincides with the steps that the University of Zaragoza has just taken to increase Medicine vacancies by 10% for the next academic year 2023-2024.

The process to implement a university degree is long, but the USJ, which this Wednesday has called a press conference to report on the planning of its academic offer in the short and medium term, is in time to start the process in the coming days. Until next September 30, the deadline for submitting the application to the General Directorate of Universities of the Government of Aragon is open. Faced with this request, the regional Executive has to issue a initial report on the adaptation to the university program that determines whether it is favorable or not. A verification of the study plan by the Council of Universities that it conforms to the established guidelines and verification by the Agency for Quality and University Prospective of Aragon (Acpua) is also required. Another requirement that has recently been included is a report on needs and feasibility by the regional Executive, prior to the initiative reaching the Council of Universities.

As it is a health study, it will also require you to go through a mixed commission with health. This procedure usually lasts an average of two years, although if there are no setbacks, this period can be shortened.

biomedical degrees

What could be launched in the next academic year 2023-2024 is a 10% increase in the places for biomedical degrees. The resolution is faster since it does not involve a programming change. At this time, San Jorge offers in its Faculty of Health Sciences the degrees of Bioinformatics, Biomedicine and the double degree in Bioinformatics and Pharmacy.

The public campus has 180 places in its Faculty of Medicine in Zaragoza and another 45 in Huesca. The additional 10% would mean 22 more vacancies. The entity and the Government of Aragon are working on a joint commission to analyze what effect this increase would have. The study is based on higher courses, since students have to do a year and a half of internships.

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